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Georgia (Name she gave herself due to not being able to remember anything of herself prior to waking from cryogenic slumber)


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"Georgia" is an amnesiac female who Clone Gunner Commander Jedi encountered and subsequently rescued.


Cryogenic suspension and 'CT'

At some point she was placed in cryogenic suspension alongside Clone Gunner Commander Jedi and placed in the cargo bay of a ship. It is not known if they knew each other prior to their later awakening.

She awoke early, due to her cryo pod malfunctioning, with no memory of prior to waking.

She then woke Clone and had to help him as he was still blind from being cryogenically frozen and in the process gave him the nickname of 'CT' while she named herself 'Georgia'. She assisted in their escape when two men entered to check up on them. Clone's sight began to return as they headed down the corridor, finding and taking a little robot on the way. The three of them then escaped in an escape pod, not knowing of their destination. (CGCJ: Aftermath)