Aarlam Aetherplith



Place of origin:

Morcia; The Elflands

First seen in:

The Alchemist and the Dark Lord

Native time period:



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Complete timeline of Aarlam Aetherplith's adventures

The younger brother of Aranaethanah Aetherplith and the youngest son of Ophelia Aetherplith, Aarlam is half-elven, meaning his father was a human and his mother, an elf. Very little is known about Aarlam's father and child hood but it can be deduced that he was conceived around the time of the Battle at Mistlands Tower. In the battle, Arantha's father was killed by Vladek and Jayko was crowned king of men. This leads to many rumours that Jayko was Aalam's father. This cannot be proven as neither parents are still alive.

Aarlam and Arantha are good friends and share mutual respect for one another, despite only being half brothers. As children, their curiosity and love of adventure found them sailing around the Western sea of Ashlar. Unlike Arantha, Aarlam adopted elements of human and elf culture, he would often journey to the human-occupied town of Beeston which, at the time was a simple village with a college of Magical arts -here, Aarlam learnt advanced wizardry. A strong fighter, like his brother, Aarlam would defend the Elflands without fail but, instead of choosing bow or sword, Aarlam would use a 'castor's band' which channels offensive and defensive magic.


Aarlam, along with his half brother Arantha assisted Knight in rescuing the kidnapped Princess Celest from the ruins of Vladek's old fortress in Ankoria. (AoA: The Alchemist and the Dark Lord) They later feasted in celebration in an Elven village, in the company of their mother; Ophelia, Jonathan, and Robert. (AoA: Elven Hospitality)

Aarlam fought during the third battle of Morcia but was injured when a temporary wooden wall exploded. (AoA: Third Battle of Morcia) After the battle was won but with the death of the King, Aarlam accompanied everyone to the Elflands in search of his mother Ophelia, in order to read an Elven prophecy. They found her bleeding to death in her palace, the work of Mallock. He tried his magic on Mallock which failed and Mallock escaped. (AoA: William's Funeral)