The knights came back to Aldendan, with Morcian flags waving in the air. The war was finally over. They won. That day, Sir Knight became a hero, one that was also known as "Orlan II" due to his gallantness. That day, Sir Knight also became king. He married Queen Celest, and became one of the fairest rulers Morcia had ever seen. He traveled to Mistland's Tower and reforged the Shield of Ages. He made a peace treaty with the trolls so they would not invade. Morcia was now a wonderful place. A feast happened years later, to honor all that King Knight has done.
Knight: "This wouldn't have happened if it weren't for all of you. Cheers"
*Everyone bonks their drinks together*
Jon: "You certainly are a hero"
Alfa: "Yeah, a great one, too"
Aarlam: "I wish I was as good of a knight as you are"
Hogar: "You even reforged the Shield of Ages!"
Clone: "I think you are just as great as Orlan was, maybe even greater"
*Knight gets a grim look on his face. Knight gets up and Celest comes with him to his room*
Borna: "I wonder what's up with him"
Arantha: "I also wonder. Alfa, Borna, why don't you go check on them?"
*Alfa and Borna leave the room*
*Minutes later, they run back*
Alfa: "Knight and Celest..."
Jon: "What about them?"
Borna: "They're dead"