Knight: "What was that?"
Clone: "I'm not sure..."
*An orange spot appears on the door; it forms a circle*
Knight: "Is someone breaking in?"
Clone: "Someone is burning through the door with a handheld laser."
*The door breaks open*
*Storm Gunner Commander Sith bursts in with a bunch of Stormtroopers*
Knight: "Are they good people? Their armour looks similar to yours..."
Clone: "No, they are bad."
Knight: "Oh. RUN!"
*Knight throws a dagger at Storm's helmet and starts running*
*The dagger bounces off and hits the floor*
*They arrive at a dead end*
Knight: "I always thought I'd die on a battlefield... It's been an honour..."
*Clone starts to make strange chocking noises*
Clone: "He's... using the... force... to... choke me"
*The Golden Knight swoops up behind Storm and jabs his sword in his back*
*Storm Gunner Commander Sith starts to fall to the ground*
*Before Storm Gunner Commander Sith dies, he uses a teleport, and escapes.*
Knight: "How'd he do that? Did he die?"
Clone: "No he probably teleported away to die."
Knight: "If he teleported, he wouldn't have gone to die. He'd probably go to his headquarters and save himself. I don't know if he could, so I will ask you this question: Do you have any mechanisms in your time that can save someone from dying?"
Clone: "Yes, there are loads of devices to save lives in my time."