*Armies of the elves, Morcians and Dwarves march to Mallock's fortress tower*
Matteu: "Bring out your men, Mallock! We wish to fight!"
*The jaw of the giant skull in the front of the tower opens. Millions of undead soldiers march out*
Knight: "CHARGE!"
*The Dwarves and Morcian soldiers start charging at the skeletons*
Arantha: "Hold"
*The Elves stay organized, with archers shooting at skeletons, and a line of swordsman in front to protect the archers*
Clone: "Aarlam, it's a dragon!"
*A dragon flies out from the top of the tower. Aarlam does a strange whistle, calling a pegasus. Aarlam starts fighting the dragon*
*Knight stabs a bunch of skeletons. Jon and Robert use Victorian weapons to fight them off*
*Trolls with big war machines start coming*
*The Dwarves, along with Clone riding Kordal start to charge at them*
*The Dwarves use their tanks and ruckus machines to fight off the equally powerful troll machines*
*The dragon burns Aarlam's pegasus. Aarlam then shoots the dragon after landing, thus killing it*
*Clone and Kordal destroy some of the larger trolls, along with Hogar*
*The battle goes on, and in the middle of it Knight sneaks into the tower*