*A man appears in the royal hall.*
Mallakee: "Mallock."
Mallock: "Your majesty, I have recovered the jewels."
*His servants bring forth gems.*
Mallakee: "Ah, very good..."
*He puts the shining crystals into his hand and strokes them.*
Mallakee: "It shall go nicely in my collection..."
Mallock: "Do you, King Mallakee, have any further missions for my team?"
Mallakee: "Yes, yes... To the far east, legends say, is a temple of an ancient religion, unknown to man, buried in deep rock... I wish for you to search for it and explore it."
Mallock: "As you wish, your majesty."
*Mallock leaves the throne room.*
*He and his group of explorers travel to the desolate Badlands, trying to rediscover the sanctuary.
*Mallock, holding a map, lowers it and points to a small hill.*
Mallock: "That hill."
*Mallock's archaeologists dig the hill, until they eventually reveal the shape of a skull, and an entrance to the building.*
*Inside, Mallock touches an orb.*
*Shadows fly out of it.*
*Mallock kills his helpers.*
*Mallock, shocked by his actions, starts to ponder.*
Mallock: "What have I done?"