*Knight had got into the fortress, he knew this was time to kill the necromancer. Mallock's back was to Knight*
Knight: " have killed the lives of many... have destroyed the homes of many... ...but this time, you will die, for the sake of MORCIA!"
*Knight charges at Mallock. Mallock pushes Knight to a corner with magic*
Mallock: "You really thought you could do that? You're dumber than I heard"
Knight: " least I have tried, I could have killed you.. But you will still die"
Mallock: "Oh, do think your friends will beat me? HA, I doubt that"
*Matteu enters*
Matteu: "Put him down!"
Mallock: "Ah, if it isn't Matteu? You are a weakling. There is nothing you can do to save him. I will kill him"
Matteu: "No, before you kill him, you must fight me"
*Mallock drops Knight from the magical grab*
Mallock: "If you insist"
*Mallock starts shocking Matteu*
Matteu: "AHHHHHHHH!"
Mallock: "And no one will ever remember you, you weren't a good warrior at all, you were always a scumbag!"
*While Mallock keeps taunting Matteu, Knight notices a crystal on a table. It's the heart of the Shield of Ages, the one Mallock had stolen. Knight limps over to grab it. Matteu is finally dead*
Mallock: "Ah, I forgot you... Your destiny will never happen!"
Knight: "What are you talking about..?"
Mallock: "You should know about your lady friend already"
*Mallock starts zapping Knight with magic. Knight takes out the heart. It absorbs the magic*
*Knight uses the heart, and disintegrates Mallock. Suddenly, the skeletons from the battle outside are no longer alive, and the Trolls retreat*
Knight: "We have claimed victory! And not because of me, if it weren't for Matteu we would all be dead"