[09:13] <Ambrose4803> can't believe lego is gonna dump ninjago
[09:14] <Clone gunner commander jedi> (eyeroll) 
[09:14] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I can
[09:14] <Ambrose4803> why would they dump their most popular theme?
[09:15] <Ambrose4803> the replacement better be pretty darn good or else.....
[09:15] <Ambrose4803> anyone there?
[09:15] <CzechMate> Per CGCJ
[09:15] <CzechMate> Is it confirmed they've dumped Ninjago?
[09:16] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Yes
[09:16] <Ambrose4803> some stupid designer guy said they were
[09:16] <Power Jim> Because TLG didn't want to fall inot the "Bionicle trap" again.
[09:16] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Kevin Hinkle a set designer confirmed it
[09:16] <Power Jim> *into
[09:17] <Ambrose4803> WHY? why would they discontinue ninjago? it is awesome and everyone likes it
[09:17] <Ambrose4803> nothing can replace it thats good
[09:17] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Ambrose quit whining
[09:19] <Power Jim> Me and Clone just explained why.
[09:19] <Ambrose4803> does anyone agree with me
[09:19] <Clone gunner commander jedi> No
[09:20] <CzechMate> Not really
[09:20] <Ambrose4803> well no one here does but heaps of other people would
[09:20] <Ambrose4803> on
[09:21] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I'm certain that whatever will replace Ninjago can not anywhere near as bad as it was
[09:21] <Ambrose4803> but maybe they will deside to continue or renew it
[09:21] <CzechMate> users are never reliable :/ (eyeroll) 
[09:21] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Well is other run by little kids
[09:21] <Ambrose4803> cgcj go take your negativity somewhere else
[09:22] <CzechMate> Insulting us won't help ;) 
[09:22] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Banned or kicked?
[09:22] <CzechMate> Kicked
[09:23] <Power Jim> Say banned for trolling.
[09:23] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Do they know that they could just reload?
[09:23] <CzechMate> Idk, idc :P 
[09:24] <Power Jim> So your not actually going to give him a ban? :P 
[09:24] <CzechMate> Nah
[09:24] <CzechMate> Too many bans given by me
[09:25] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Can I ban?
[09:25] <CzechMate> Sure, sure.
[09:27] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Done
[09:27] <CzechMate> Lol, Ambrose messaged moi :P 
[09:27] <Power Jim> What did he say?
[09:28] <Clone gunner commander jedi> "why do you keep on banning me from chat for unfair reasons....what do you have against me.....first you say i was being racist just because i said i didn't like a certain country (which is not being racist, discrimination about a race not a country is racist) then i told cgcj to stop being negative and you ban me?"
[09:28] <Legoboy9373> Hi 
[09:28] <Legoboy9373> o/ 
[09:28] <CzechMate> CGCJ, can you message him back?
[09:28] <Legoboy9373> Czech o/ 
[09:28] <CzechMate> (and say "czech sends his most sincerest apologies for you insulting a mod ;) ")
[09:29] <Power Jim> :P 
[09:29] <Power Jim> You'll just aggravate him more.
[09:29] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Sure
[09:29] <CzechMate> Meh
[09:29] <CzechMate> That's why being a mod is fun.
[09:30] <CzechMate> We technically aren't doing anything wrong.
[09:30] <CzechMate> We're "playing along".
[09:30] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Sent
[09:30] <CzechMate> Yay :P 
[09:34] <Power Jim> Clone always knows how to say it right.
[09:35] <Power Jim> 3 months! 
[09:35] <CzechMate> :D 
[09:35] <CzechMate> :D 
[09:35] <Power Jim> Strict much... XD
[09:35] <CzechMate> :E
[09:35] <CzechMate> ;
[09:35] <CzechMate> :D 
[09:35] <CzechMate> Maybe lower it to 2
[09:36] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Ok
[09:37] <Clone gunner commander jedi> No 2 months option
[09:37] <CzechMate> Lemme seee
[09:37] <CzechMate> Keep it 3 months, then.
[09:38] <Power Jim> There is a 1 month option.
[09:38] <Clone gunner commander jedi> How long was there last ban
[09:38] <Clone gunner commander jedi> ?
[09:38] <CzechMate> 3 months :D 
[09:39] <CzechMate> Last ban was 2 weeks
[09:39] <CzechMate> Actually, they were blocked last month