The Visitor From Above (mentioned)
Talonjay and the Metal Beasts
Helpful Hogar (mentioned)

Archard is a solitary, elderly wizard. He owns a dilapidated laboratory full of many books, potions and crystal balls.


Archard was, at one time, a celebrated inventor and popular nobleman in Aldendan. After many years of a successful career, marketing potions and mechanical gadgetry, Archard could settle down in a quiet place and let people forget him. Very few humans remembered him yet, still used his inventions in everyday life. Most elves were old enough to remember him but disliked him because of his reckless consumption of valuable and rare magical ingredients. Archard is known to be as old as Mallock and nearly as insane, however, Archard was persuaded to use his magic for the benefit of humanity. Mallock used magic to benefit himself.

Years after he left, Sir Knight came into possession of one of his old crystal balls left in the cellar of the Morcian Palace. He was able to contact another wizard that later warned of the presense of Daleks. He also told him where to find Archard, of whom was also in Talonjay at the time. Archard fended off the Daleks so that Sir Knight and Clone Gunner Commander Jedi could escape. (AoA: The Metal Beasts in Talonjay)

His knowledge of magic also helped in the defeat of Mallock. (AoA: The Meeting of the Wizard)