Bollo the Unwise
Bollo the Unwise


The Wondrous Dwarven Ruckus-causer

Bollo is King Yrgna Trohs' court mage and one of the last few dwarves which openly practice magic. It has been noted that despite being the best magician amongst dwarves, his skills are questionable when compared to Aarlam Aetherplith or Archard. In his opinion, his greatest achivement to date is "Not accidently harming any of my dwarves during the Third Battle of Morica." Unforunately, due to the lack of wizarding culture in dwarf society, Bollo is unable to improve or learn more about magic. Brom had the misfortune to work alongside him whilst fitting the DRC's and SPAM's before the Battle of Morica, he remarks, "Bollo knows nothing about magic, engineering or fighting;  he's more of a dunce than a dwarf!"

He is also one of King Yrgna's companions, along with Brom, Gidda and Fridda, Manfred Thickbeard and Nonak Heavy-skull. (MOC: The Wondrous Dwarven Ruckus-causer)