Jonathan & Robert
Jonathan (Left) Robert (Right)

Main aliases:

Br1ck (Jonathan)



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First seen in:

Crash Landing

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Jonathan Daniel Rogers & Robert Brown are Adventures of Awesomeknight characters.


Jonathan Daniel Rogers, born on the 14th April, 1854 goes by the codename 'Br1ck' he's trained in ranged weaponry and has had extensive courses in the handling of H~203 class airships. His favorite weapon is an elvish longbow gifted to him shortly before the defense of the Beeston stronghold in the mountain pass between Morcia and the Elflands during the troll invasion of 1335.

Jonathan arrived in the kingdom of Morcia by chance when he and his friend, Robert Brown were testing an experimental transdimentional difference device which had been installed in Brown's airship. Their airship crash landed outside of the city of Aldendan. Sir Knight and a band of Aldendan soldiers mistook the bewildered explorers for Trolls due to the large machine but after a long explanation, the Morcians welcomed the Victorians to the forgotten past.

Jonathan and Robert know they're not stranded in the past though, they fixed (and improved upon) the airship after their first month in Morcia, they named it Ophelia after the Elvish Queen and repaired the difference engine. If they ever wanted to, they could hop aboard and come home and return at their leasure.