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Brickipedia was the on Wikia, online LEGO encyclopedia. I spent three years and a bit on the site, and, well, there were the good parts, I mean, I've made some great friends through the site, many of them have moved on and I've lost contact with them, but that is to be expected, with a community based around a kids toy, yes, LEGO is fundamentally a kids toy, even if it does have appeal to all ages. And its bad parts, not entirely the sites fault, though, for me, the site brought about lack of sleep, those damn Americans with their timezone and being too interesting! For me, I started losing interest in LEGO early last year, and it rapidly decreased. If I'm going to be honest, the only thing that kept me on the site for remainder of my time was the fact that I'd spent/wasted so much time on the site, and the fact that I was Admin, and those pledge their time and effect to keep the site good and allowing it to expand, but with my declining interest, I just needed to get off the site... And then I returned after my initial few months "break" but when I came back, Brickimedia was being revived and it was looking to be a great site, just like before, but better. I'd loved the original Brickimedia, the lack of vandals, the users were all the main contributors from the old site, without the old annoying users... and from what I've seen of the new Brickimedia, it all just seems to be better, in every way possible. Now, surprisingly, the decision to leave has been a VERY easy one to make, almost too easy...

So, basically, I'm leaving 'Media, there's only so long you can keep up something whilst having no interest in it, I'm quite amazed that I've kept it up this long after losing all interest in LEGO, I wish you all and 'Media good luck in the future...

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