Crash Landing
Defending Orkosan
The Wondrous Dwarven Ruckus-causer

Brom is the highly regarded blacksmith of Aldendan. Despite being a dwarf of Orkosan, Brom elected to spend the majority of his professional life in the company of humans (who whould praise him for his skill). Jonathan and Robert first met Brom after Robert's airship, the HMS Ophelia was damaged -Though his speciality was armour, Brom agreed to mend the airship due to his curiosity, concerning how it worked.

After fighting Vladek's forces in the third battle of Morcia, Brom was thankful to be alive and returned to Orkosan with his family. At Orkosan, the dwarves thanked Brom for his war efforts and offered him the posision as chief tinker.

According to Sir Knight "he's great at his job..." (AoA: Crash Landing)