Clairge Jogx



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Order 66


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Clairge Jogx is a fierce young bounty hunter. She is also a member of Storm Gunner Commander Sith's squadron.


The Female Clones

She agreed to allow for her DNA to be used to experiment with the idea of creating female Clones for the Grand Republic, in an attempt to see if female Clones could make better troopers than the male ones. After just one batch of Clones had been created using her DNA, she decided to back out and have all them all executed, after it had dawned on her that there would more than one of her in existence. Even though it was believed that all of her clones had been executed, two survived, one thanks to a Gunner, and the other escaped. Both of her surviving clones escaped with this Gunner. Clairge witnessed their escape in a shuttle. (CGCJ: Gunner to the Rescue!)

Joining Storm Gunner Commander Sith's Squadron

At some point she met Storm Gunner Commander Sith and decided to team up with him, as they had the same intentions of taking out Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Squadron to get at certain members, Storm being after Clone Gunner Commander Jedi himself, whilst Clairge being after the Female Clone.

Order 66

During the time of the execution of order 66, Storm sent her after Clone. She disguised herself as the Female Clone, and found Clone and his Padawan. After she had found Clone and rendered him unconscious, she called out to Storm and he did the same to Clone's Padawan. (CGCJ: Order 66)