Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Personal Droid
Clone gunner commander jedi's Personal Droid


Gunner to the Rescue!
An unforgettable trip through the vortex
Clone's Return to Morcia
Clone's return!

Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Personal Droid is a droid created by Clone Gunner Commander Jedi, for sabotage and highjacking systems.



Clone Gunner Commander Jedi created this droid while trying to gain access to a top secret experimental cloning facility, where they experimented with different kinds of Clones. The droid was programmed to only obey its master (Clone Gunner Commander Jedi) and no one else, it was also programmed for sabotage and highjacking systems. It gained access to the facility, looked about only to find an area of the facility called "failures," where all the "failed experiments" were left to die, it then reported this back to Clone Gunner Commander Jedi.

Clone then rescued a female Clone. The Droid then informed them of their presence having become known. They then escaped, to some kind of shuttle park and entered a shuttle, only to find another female Clone. The four of them then escaped in the shuttle. (CGCJ: Gunner to the Rescue!)

Travels with Clone Gunner Commander Jedi and his Sqaudron

All of the doors on its master's ship featured flaps, as the Droid was allowed to roam the ship freely. (DW: Clones)

Abandoned in Morcia

When two of its masters crashed their starfighter in 1334 Morcia, one of them were on impact, thrown backwards and knocked off the Droid's head. (CGCJ: An unforgettable trip through the vortex) Later, after its two masters had long since abandoned it, Dwarves came and pillaged the crash site and the Droid's parts were taken back to the Dwarven city of Orkosan. As the parts were brought through the Dwarven capital, Draketh, a young drunken Dwarf, came and took the Droid's head and became emotionally attached to it. While the body was brought before the Dwarven King. Clone went and retrieved both parts of the Droid. (AoA: Clone's Return to Morcia)

After being recovered and rebuilt by its master, it was sent back to his ship, and placed in charge of his squadron, much to their annoyance, and instructed to not pass on the information of where its master had gone under any circumstances. (CGCJ: Clone's return!)

After Order 66

During the execution of order 66, the Droid was left on the ship. Afterwards only Snipe and Sparky returned. (CGCJ: Order 66, End of the Squad)

The Droid was later aboard the ship in-which Clone Gunner Commander Jedi and Georgia awoke. The two of them discovered the Droid in a corridor and decided to take it with them when they escaped in an escape pod. (CGCJ: Aftermath)