Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Squadron
CGCJ Squadron (new)

Commanding officer(s)

Clone Gunner Commander Jedi
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Personal Droid (temporary)


Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Padawan
Female Clone
Tri-Star (briefly)


Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Ship


Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Squadron was a squad of clone troopers led by Clone Gunner Commander Jedi. Consisting of special and experimental clone troopers who had by various means come to no longer have a place in the Grand Army of the Republic, they served under the command of the unofficial Jedi Clone Gunner Commander Jedi throughout the Clone Wars. They operated separately from the Grand of the Republic, although they were known to have served with them at-least once.


Early formation

Clone Gunner Commander Jedi, during his travels with The Doctor had come to realize that there were other ways to resolve conflicts than fighting. Upon leaving The Doctor and returning to the Grand Army of the Republic, he set about leaving and forming a squad with fellow clone Tri-Star; one that wouldn't have to fight. This didn't go very well, as they were ambushed on the first planet they went to, and Tri-Star was killed. (CGCJ: Clone's funeral)




Honourable Associates

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