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List of companions

  1. John and Gillian
  2. Susan Foreman/Campbell
  3. Ian Chesterton
  4. Barbara Wright
  5. Viki
  6. Steven Taylor
  7. Katarina
  8. Sarah Kingdom
  9. Dodo Chaplet
  10. Ben Jackson
  11. Polly Wright
  12. Jamie McCrimmon
  13. Victoria Waterfield
  14. Zoe Heriot
  15. Liz Shaw
  16. Bessie (The Third Doctor's car)
  17. Joe Grant/Jones
  18. Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart/The Brigadier
  19. John Benton
  20. Sarah Jane Smith
  21. Harry Sullivan
  22. Leela
  23. K9 Mark 1
  24. Romana 1
  25. Romana 2
  26. Sharon Davies
  27. Adric
  28. Nyssa
  29. Tegan Jovanka
  30. Vislor Turlough
  31. Perpugilliam/Peri Brown
  32. Frobisher
  33. Charlotte Pollard (after traveling with the Eighth Doctor)
  34. Evelyn Smythe/Rossiter
  35. Jason
  36. Crystal
  37. Melanie Bush (Mel)
  38. Ace/Dorothy Gale McShane
  39. Hex/Thomas Hector Schofield
  40. Bernice Summerfield
  41. Grace Holloway
  42. Chang Lee
  43. Samantha Jones
  44. Stacy Townsend
  45. Ssard
  46. Charlotte Pollard
  47. C'rizz
  48. Izzy Sinclair
  49. Dastrii
  50. Lucie Miller
  51. Alex Campbell
  52. Tamsin Drew
  53. Molly O'Sullivan
  54. Rose Tyler
  55. Adam Mitchell
  56. Jack Harkness
  57. Mickey Smith
  58. Jackie Tyler
  59. Martha Jones
  60. Donna Noble
  61. Wilfred Mott
  62. Amelia/Amy Pond
  63. Rory Williams
  64. Melody Pond/River Song
  65. Melody Pond/Mels
  66. Clara Oswin Oswald

Big Finish Productions

Battles in Time

Alpha Centauri
Cyber Leader (Armed)
Dalek Blaster Card
Omega (Projection)
Alpha CentauriCyber Leader (Armed)Dalek BlasterOmega (Projection)

Character Building

8th doc
CB 11th Doctor
Eighth DoctorEleventh Doctor


2nd doctor
3rd doctor
4th doctor
5th doctor
6th doctor
7th doctor
The Night of the Doctor (1)
The War Doctor
9th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
10th doctor
11th doctor
The Twelveth Doctor

Eighth Doctor

Episode Screen Shots

Comic Scans

These are in no particular order

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