This'll be a page for all of the Doctor Who comics that originate from Doctor Who Magazine that I have found scans for.

Regular Issues

5-7 Throwback: The Soul of a Cyberman

23-24 Ship of Fools

108 Exodus!

109 Revelation

110 Genesis!

111-113 Nature of the Beast

114-116 Time Bomb

117 Salad Daze

118-119 Changes

120-122 Profits of Doom!

123-126 The Gift

135 The Crossroads of Time

148-150 Invaders from Gantac

152-155 Nemesis of the Daleks

156 Stairway to Heaven

157-158 Hunger From the Ends of Time!

159-161 Train-Flight

207 Time & Time Again

244-247 Endgame

248-249 The Keep

250 A Life of Matter and Death

251-255 Fire and Brimstone

256 By Hook or By Crook

257-260 Tooth and Claw

262-265 The Final Chapter

266-271 Wormwood

272 Happy Deathday

273-276 The Fallen

277 Unnatural Born Killers

278-282 The Road to Hell

283 TV Action!

284-286 The Company of Thieves

287-296 The Glorious Dead

297-299 The Autonomy Bug

300-303 Ophidius

304 Beautiful Freak

355-357 The Love Invasion

358 Art Attack

359-362 The Cruel Sea

363-364 A Groatsworth of Wit

368 The Lodger

390 Death to the Doctor!

403-405 The Stockbridge Child

Special Issues

Summer Special 1994

Are You Listening?

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