This page will have every comic that the Eight Doctor features.

Doctor Who Magazine

244-247 Endgame

248-249 The Keep

250 A Life of Matter and Death

251-255 Fire and Brimstone

256 By Hook or By Crook

257-260 Tooth and Claw

262-265 The Final Chapter

266-271 Wormwood

272 Happy Deathday

273-276 The Fallen

278-282 The Road to Hell

283 TV Action!

284-286 The Company of Thieves

287-296 The Glorious Dead

297-299 The Autonomy Bug

300-303 Ophidius

304 Beautiful Freak

308-310 The Way of All Flesh

390 Death to the Doctor!

Non colour comics, colour previews

Big Finish previews

Novel previews


Radio Times

#1 Dreadnaught

#2 Descendance

#3 Ascendance

#4 Perceptions

#5 Deceptions

This was to be the fifth in the series but after management changes for Radio Times, the comic was quickly cancelled and Coda was hastily written. The evil Stacy in the final part of Perceptions was originally going to have been a Zygon.

#5 Coda

The Dying Days

For the online release of the final New Adventures novel, The Dying Days, it was accompanied by some specially created art.



The Forgotten

Prisoners of Time

Dead Man's Hand