This is just to keep track of the official Murray Gold Doctor Who music that I have that is not included on any of Silva Screen's official soundtracks. I will not post these anywhere and the sources for these shall remain unknown.

Series 1

  • Doctor Who Theme (Official full length series 1 theme)
  • Running, Running! (Rose)
  • Now Forget Me, Rose Tyler (Rose)
  • Seeking the Doctor (Rose) (Episode variant)
  • Clockwork TARDIS (The End of the World) (Episode variant)
  • Goodbye Earth (The End of the World)
  • Platform One (The End of the World) (Episode variant)
  • Rose's Theme (The End of the World, Father's Day & The Parting of the Ways)
  • The Last Dalek (Dalek)
  • The Lonely Dalek (Dalek) (Episode variant)
  • The Tylers (Father's Day & The Parting of the Ways)
  • I Am Your Mummy! (The Doctor Dances) (The music used when they're in the Child's room)
  • Breaking Into the Bomb Site (The Doctor Dances)
  • Everybody Lives! (The Doctor Dances)
  • Aliens of London (Boom Town) (The 'Previously' music)
  • Cardiff (Boom Town) (Episode variant)
  • The Unquiet Dead (Boom Town) ("At last you have consequences")
  • Surfing the Rift (Boom Town)
  • Bad Wolf (Bad Wolf)
  • The Long Game (Bad Wolf) (Racing to free Rose)
  • Deadly Games (Bad Wolf) (A suite consisting of; The Doctor and Lynda get out & Rose is disintegrated)
  • Target: Number 10 Downing Street (Bad Wolf) ("Let's do it" full music)
  • My Dalek Masters (Bad Wolf) (Talking to the Controller during the solar flare)
  • Power of the Dalek (Bad Wolf & The Parting of the Ways) (The Dalek fleet reveal)
  • Heart of the TARDIS (Bad Wolf & The Parting of the Ways) ("No!")
  • The Emperor Dalek (The Part of the Ways) (The Dalek Emperor reveal)
  • A Delta Wave (The Parting of the Ways)
  • Dalek Danger (Unused)
  • Vortex (Unused)

Series 8

  • Blue Rescue One (Into the Dalek)
  • Heaven ('Missy's Theme', just a few seconds shorter)
  • You Are a Good Dalek (Into the Dalek)
  • Hello Earth, We Have a Terrible Decision to Make (Kill the Moon)
  • They've Been Here the Whole Time (Kill the Moon)
  • There's a Rather Big Problem (Kill the Moon) (Extended 'That is the Moon')
  • NASA is That Way (Kill the Moon)
  • Don't Stop Me Now (Mummy on the Orient Express) (Features "Foxes"'s vocals)

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