*Inside the Genetech laboratory, three scientists are hard at work; one of them gets up and declares* “I’ve done it! I’ve succeeded!”
*Another scientist congratulates him* “Well done Joe, well done! Now may I see your success?”
Joe: “Sure” *he looks down at his desk, his experiment is gone!*
Scientist 2: *Impatient* “Well?” *All of a sudden a small black object throws itself at his face* “What the hell? Get it off me!” *He struggles with the thing on his face, pulling at it*
Joe: *shocked* “There you are!” *He runs over to help his colleague and pulls the thing off their face*
Scientist 2: *His eyes grow wide in shock* “Your experiment was a penguin?! That, THING is crazed!”
*Joe smirks* “I know”
*at that moment the third scientist comes over*
Scientist 3: “What’s that you got there?” *The penguin leaps out of Joe’s arms and onto the third scientists shoulder* “Oh it’s a penguin, with, err, three eyes and fangs” *He peers at it on his shoulder in disgust*
*The second scientist tries to sneak off*
Joe: *Addressing the penguin* “They’ve seen too much, deal with this one first then chase after the other” *He points at the second scientist who is just running out of the lab*
*The penguin quickly turns and digs its fangs deep into the third scientist’s neck, while he laughs manically*