*Laura and the Doctor run down a long corridor, heading back towards the TARDIS. All of a sudden a boy runs straight into them, he struggles and looks up* “Laura! They’re here, they found me, I had to run”
Laura: “Jake!”
*Jake turns to look at the man who’s with Laura* “Excuse me but who are you?”
The Doctor: “So sorry, I’ve regenerated but it’s still me, in my gingery goodness” *A gleaming smile spreads across his face*
*Jake turns to Laura* “What’s he babbling on about?”
Laura: “That’s the Doctor!”
Jake: *Shocked* “That’s the Doctor?! It can’t be!”
The Doctor: “Like I said, I’ve regenerated. That means that I’ve completely changed my body, face and personality yet I’m still the same man, just different. Now come on I’m in the mood for a full on assault on those aliens!”
*Laura pulls on the Doctors now tight jacket* “Umm…” *She stares at the group of aliens amassing at the far end of the corridor* “Doctor!”
*Jake and the Doctor turn and take a look at the aliens, they’re like giant woodlice but holding blasters*
*One of the woodlice like aliens steps forward and speaks out, it’s voice echoing down the long corridor* “Strong words from a foolish Time Lord”
*The Doctor, swiftly strides down the corridor until he’s near enough face to face with the alien. He suddenly yanks the aliens blaster out of its arms and with a slight smirk on his face, shoots it in the face. It squeals and recoils back into a ball, now dead. The other aliens stand in shock*
*The Doctor raises the blaster and aims at the next closest alien, hand on the trigger, he speaks coldly, threateningly* “Run or I shall pull the trigger!”
*The aliens stand and think for a moment then recoil into balls and roll off, down the corridor and around the corner*
*The Doctor turns to Jake and Laura, laughing gleefully* “I should have done that years ago! It certainly would have solved a lot of problems quicker”
Laura: *Shocked and disgusted* “Doctor, I’m not sure if I know you anymore”
*Jake jumps and fist pumps the air* “That was awesome!”
*The whole place starts to tremble and a loud rumbling noise is heard coming from around the corner at the end of the corridor*
Jake: “Doctor, what’s that noise?!”
The Doctor: “A machine? A weapon? The aliens returning? I really don’t know but whatever it is, it doesn’t sound nice”
*A loud grinding sound fills the corridor and then the sound of a gunshot as a beam of concentrated energy is fired at the Doctor and his two companions. As the Doctor blacks out, he sees one of the aliens in a giant Mech as it stampedes towards them*...