The Doctor
The Ginger Doctor


Everything Changes

Known companions:

Jake & Laura, Clone Gunner Commander Jedi, Tim, Sarah, The Female Clone

This unspecified incarnation of the Time Lord known as The Doctor was the incarnation that finally became ginger. He was also more violent in his ways.



This unspecified incarnation of the Time Lord known as The Doctor came into being when his previous incarnation regenerated for reasons unknown. This regeneration was witnessed by one of his two current companions, Laura, who was skeptical of this new incarnation to begin with. (DW: Everything Changes) Shortly after the regeneration, he murdered one of an alien race that he and his companions were currently facing and reveled in the fear it brought to the others of the species as they fled. It may have been a mistake as the aliens retaliated by bringing in a giant mech. (DW: Everything Changes)

Later travels with Jake and Laura

Following a distress signal, the TARDIS took the Doctor, Jake and Laura aboard Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's ship, where he met Clone Gunner Commander Jedi again, and for the first time met the Female Clone and Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Padawan. This encounter ended with Clone Gunner Commander Jedi stealing the TARDIS, only to return it almost immediately. (DW: Clones)

At some point they encountered Silurians. (DW: The Survivors)

Arriving in modern day south England, The Doctor, Laura and Jake encountered UNIT and helped them in investigating a series of crimes committed by Trolls. (DW: The Survivors)

Travels with a special Gunner

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The Doctor with Gunner

After dropping off Jake and Laura at school to meet their friend Tim, the Doctor left them. Not long after, the Doctor ended up losing the TARDIS and then ended up finding a squad of Clone Troopers. He saved one of them from being crushed due to their own stupidity, and, thus gained them as a companion. (CGCJ: Gunner with a gift)

At some point during their travels, they encountered the Daleks. (DW: Surprise of the Daleks…)

At some point during their travels, they encountered Sontarans. (CGCJ: Order 66)

During their travels, they went to Sentei Mountain and helped to stop the rebellious robots and regain the mountain for the Humans. During this, the Gunner made a new friend, a boy named Hikaru and promised that he could come with them in the TARDIS. The Doctor waited and waited but the boy didn't turn up, so the Doctor, after much thought, decided to leave without the boy. After having to fight the Gunner, the Doctor managed to set the TARDIS controls and leave, just as the boy arrived...

The teenage companions

After the Gunner left, the Doctor returned to Jake and Laura and assisted them in defeating a demon that had been hidden in their school, not before the demon could set the school on fire though. Later, after some nagging from Jake, the Doctor allowed Tim to join them in their travels.

Eventually, Tim's girlfriend Sarah also joined them in their travels.

Death and the Daleks

The Doctor