The Search


Previous Incarnation



Main enemy:

Big bug (can't remember specific species)

Main setting:

Alien spaceship, 2009

The Search was the first of the Doctor Who fanfictions written back in 2009. It originally featured the Tenth Doctor and references to Rose Tyler but was later rewritten to better fit the newer stories. It was later lost in a hard drive crash.


It started with The Doctor at the battle of Hastings where he witnessed king Harold being shot in the eye, stating that as something he and Rose had previously bet on. After the battle was over The Doctor refused an invitation to a feast and left in the TARDIS.

The TARDIS later materialized on the driveway of Kate's house, with the noise waking her. Kate went to investigate the sound but was too late as the TARDIS had already left. A big bug then appeared and teleported Kate to its ship.

On-board the ship Kate was lead through corridors and saw many pods with more of the big bugs in them. She also found a TARDIS key on the floor which summoned the TARDIS.

That is as much as was ever written as far as I can remember.