*Laura wakes up in a dark room.*
*She can barely see them, but she sees large muscular human-shaped figures.*
*She tries to move, but she's strapped to a pole over a fire. She tries to scream, but her mouth is taped shut.*
*She has no way to save herself.*


*The Doctor and Agent Knight reach the mountain. Laura is gone, but Jake is still there.*
The Doctor: "Where is she? What happened to her?"
Agent Knight: "Or more importantly, did you find the creature? If so, what did it look like?"
Jake: "Yes, I did see the creature. It took Laura, it could have gotten me, but I escaped. I couldn't see much of it, as it caught us by surprise, but I do know that it was large, and it was green."
Agent Knight: "You were correct, Doctor. It wasn't an Ordrak. It could either be a Raxacoricofallapatorian, specifically a Slitheen, or an Ice Warrior."
The Doctor: "It could very well be a Slitheen, smuggling gold to make money off of, but it doesn't matter at the moment! We need to find Laura and save her! What way did it take her, Jake?"
Jake: "Over there."
The Doctor: "Let's go, then, Jake! She must be in grave peril! You, Agent Knight, stay here."
Agent Knight: "I'm afraid not. The creature has done harm, and must be killed."
The Doctor: "No. Violence never solves anything."
*The Doctor and Jake run off, while Agent Knight stays behind.*
*They enter a cave.*
Jake: "Stop!"
*The Doctor stops.*
The Doctor: "What is it?"
Jake: "You stepped on a piece of gold. We need to be quiet."
*They walk more carefully, making sure not to step on the gold.
*They enter a room lit dimly by torches, filled with non-human creatures. Laura is strapped to a pole over a flame. And behind her, on a chair surrounded by a large pile of gold is the leader of them.*
The leader: "What are you doing here? This is our cave!"
Jake: "Doctor, what are these things?"
The Doctor: "They're trolls. They're dangerous. Leave, Jake. I'll handle them and save Laura."
*Troll warriors run after them. Jake is too slow, he's caught. The Doctor tries to break the rope that keeps Laura over the fire, but is caught by a troll warrior. They're all put on the stick along with Laura.*