Draketh the Daring

Main aliases:

Draketh the Daring/Drunken



Place of origin:

The Dwarven city of Orkosan, Morcia

First seen in:

The Dalek's invasion of Morcia

Native time period:



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Draketh the Daring or as he is known as to many Draketh the Drunken is an Adventures of Awesomeknight character.


Draketh is always up for a battle but when the time comes, he is usually found in his barrel o' booze, snoring like a Giant Troll.

Draketh was known for being a drunken delinquent who liked to 'liberate' fellow Dwarf's own brewed beer. As this was the second worst crime to the Dwarfs (Second only to stealing from their mines) he was exiled from the Dwarven capital of Orkosan, but kept finding his way back, much to the annoyance of the residents. He lived in a small cave at the base of a mountain, miles from Orkosan. (AoA: Clone's Return to Morcia)

Meeting Clone Gunner Commander Jedi

Draketh meets Clone

Draketh meets Clone

Draketh met Clone Gunner Commander Jedi when Clone returned to Morcia to retrieve the parts of his Personal droid that had been pilfered from the wreckage of his ship by some pesky Dwarves. Whilst the parts were trundling through the streets of Orkosan, on the back of a wagon, Draketh pilfered the Droids head and took it back to his barrel o' booze, where he became emotionally attached to it. Later, Clone came for the head, Draketh's only friend. In exchange for the head, Clone promised to stay and be Draketh's friend, a promise he kept. (AoA: Clone's Return to Morcia)

Dalek Invasion of Morcia Timeline

One day a crack formed in the sky and a blue box fell out of it, followed by a small Dalek fleet. (AoA: The Daleks Invasion of Morcia) Draketh was saved by Clone who later brought him to the castle in the ruins of Aldendan.

One night, three years later, whilst holding out in the castle, Draketh, whilst drunk, with Clone, shaved Knight's facial hair completely off. Clone wrote a letter to try and frame Draketh and get himself out of the blame. The following morning, Knight awoke to find Draketh with a jar full of his facial hair. (AoA: Shaving Knight) The next day, Draketh was shocked to find Clone back early, as he wasn't expected back 'til the morrow'. (DW: The Morcian Rebels)

These events were later reset, meaning the Dalek occupation of Morcia never actually happened.

Later Events

Years later Draketh attended a feast in honor of all that King Knight had done for Morcia. Later, during the feast, Knight and Celest left, only for them to be confirmed dead minutes later. (AoA: Legacy of Orlan)

Draketh was a regular at the 'Knight and Clone', a tavern in Orkosan, opened by Clone, in honour of Knight. (AoA: Farewell Morcia)

Years later, Draketh pleaded with Clone to stay in Morcia but ultimately Clone left, leaving Draketh his armour, in-which, Draketh puked when he turned up, later that night, at Clone's tavern, the 'Knight and Clone'. (AoA: Farewell Morcia)

Draketh attended Clone's funeral, and after drinking some liquid handed to him by a cleaning robot, was shocked to realize that Clone was actually real and not just a hallucination brought on by his excessive drinking. (CGCJ: Clone's funeral)