Gretta the Ungrateful

Main aliases:

Ungrateful Gretta


Giant Troll

Place of origin:

Mount Drake

First seen in:

The Daleks Invasion of Morcia

Native time period:


Gretta the Ungrateful was an Adventures of Awesomeknight character who appeared in The Daleks Invasion of Morcia.


Leaving Mt. Drake

She fell in love with fellow Troll Hogar, and after his exile, left Mt. Drake in search of him.

Sometime after Mallock's defeat (AoA: The Battle of the Badlands), and Knight's marriage to Celest, a feast was held which Gretta attended with Hogar. The feast was suddenly stopped when the king and queen were announced to be dead. (AoA: Legacy of Orlan)

The Dalek Invasion of Morcia timeline

On her way down to the city of Aldendan, she was ambushed by Daleks and rescued by a band of Morcian rebels, namely Jonathan and Aarlam. She was then made a member of the rebels for her strength and size. She accompanied the rebels back to the castle in Aldendan, in which she was put on guard duty with Hogar, where she announced her love to him. That night she witnessed Knight and Clone sneak out to stealth attack the Dalek saucer on watch outside the castle.

The following day, after she had heard a voice and footsteps in the corridor, sends Aarlam and Arantha out to go investigate, later they came back with a girl. (DW: Exploring the castle) A stranger came who brought a future Clone with him, this confused her as to how there could be two versions of Clone in the same place. That night, after Clone and Knight had destroyed the Dalek saucer, she was awoken by screams of "EXTERMINATE," panicked and was exterminated by a Dalek, causing Hogar to go crazy and also be killed. (DW: Calm before the storm) She never once thanked any of them for saving her, thus the nickname, "Ungrateful Gretta".

These events were later reset and the events played out as they should have; without any Dalek involvement.