“Wow! How do you do that?!”
“Come on Gunner, tell us!”
*A crowd of Clone Troopers surround one Gunner who has an amazing gift*
“What a load of… that blaster is not floating” *He reaches above the floating blaster and waves his gloved hand about* “Nothing there!”
“See. I can make stuff float!”
“Ha! That’s nothing, hey… I bet you can’t lift that” *The trooper points at an ancient statue of a man situated right outside the temple they’re appointed to*
*A Clone’s voice breaks in* “I don’t know, that’s pretty big and I’m betting rather heavy”
*The Gunner not having any of that storms over to the statue* “Oh yeah! Well I’ll prove you wrong” *He steps into place and stares at the statue intently*
“Yawn” *A Clone pretends to yawn mockingly* “This is so boring”
“Shut up or he’ll lose his concentration”
“NNNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHHH” *The Gunner concentrates really hard, so hard that his boots dig down as he pushes himself back through concentrating too much*
*A crack starts to form at the base of the statue, slowly widening as the statue is lifted into the air, it stays in the air just a few meters above the Gunner*
“HAHA! Yes! I did it!” *The excitement and relief evident in his voice*
*As the Gunner jumps for joy, he loses concentration and the statue starts to slip. He looks up helplessly knowing this to be his demise!*
*A flash of red!*
*Something rams straight into the Gunner, knocking him aside just as the statue falls and smashes in front of him*
“You stupid Clone! You could have killed yourself!”
“I’m alright. Thanks for asking” *The Gunner pulls himself up, getting a good look at the man, he can see that he’s wearing a casual red and white chequered shirt and has short scruffy orange hair*
“Now. Have any of you seen a blue box with a flashing light on top, says ‘Police Public Call Box.’ anyone?” *He looks about at the small group of Clones* “Oh fine, I’ll go alone”
“No. Wait, I’ll come with you. You did just save my life, I feel like I should repay you by helping you look for this box of yours”
As the Gunner and the man walk off together little did they know of how much importance they’d be in each other’s future…