Hikaru (New photo)



Place of origin:

Sentai Mountain

First seen in:

Clone Gunner Commander Jedi vs Hikaru


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Hikaru is one of Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's former Padawans and a former member of his Squadron.


Meeting Clone Gunner Commander Jedi

One day a police box appeared on Sentai Mountain, bringing with it, a man and a Clone. The two new comers helped to finally vanquish the rebellious robots and secured Sentai Mountain for the Humans. During that, the Clone and Hikaru became best friends and a promise was made. The promise of Hikaru being able to join the Clone and the Doctor, in their travels through space and time. Hikaru prepared for his travels, but when the time came for him to leave for the universe, he was too late. Witnessing the TARDIS dematerializing without him, hatred brewed inside of him, for the Clone who promised him such wonders, but ultimately abandoned him.

Rejoining Clone Gunner Commander Jedi

Eventually Clone must have returned for Hikaru and offered him a place in his squadron.

At some point during his training he dueled Clone Gunner Commander Jedi. (CGCJ: Clone Gunner Commander Jedi vs Hikaru) He also dueled the Clone Jedi during his training.

He attended Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's funeral. (CGCJ: Clone's funeral)

The Child

During a trip to the market place on the recently terraformed Ѩѫѭ, Hikaru bought Clone a new device, a vortex manipulator, which Clone then used to teleport to the rest of his squad who were present on Ѩѫѭ. When Hikaru arrived, he was quivering from the shock of his first trip using a vortex manipulator, and exclaimed that he "can stand trans-mats but that device is too much!". He learned that the squad might be in a spot of bother, but before he could do anything, they were surrounded by guards and one man who claimed that his squad were concealing a child. Hikaru, along with the rest of the squad, denied the fact that they were concealing a child. The child's Mother was then brought in and Maxible threatened the squad with her death if they didn't hand over the child. Clone Gunner Commander Jedi managed to get the squad away using his vortex manipulator. Back on-board Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's ship, he rested on the sofa in the living quarters, along with the rest of the squad, as Clone was shown that Maxible was right... (CGCJ: Battle for the Child)

It is unknown why he left Clone Gunner Commander Jedi and his Squadron.