Kordal with his best friend Clone Gunner Commander Jedi



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The Battle of the Badlands


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Kordal is a Tumble-Beast that befriended Clone Gunner Commander Jedi, after being sent to Morcia by the great wizard Prisinorzero.


Of the dozen, mighty Tumble-Beasts, summoned by the wizard before his departure, the bravest was Kordal, and he was quick to befriend Clone, a fellow outcast. (MOC: Clone and Kordal)

Kordal fought with Clone on his back, alongside the Dwarves and Hogar, during the battle of the Badlands. (AoA: The Battle of the Badlands)

Leaving Morcia, joining Clone

Clone returned to Morcia and brought Kordal back to his ship, without his squadron knowing. (CGCJ: End of the Squad)

When order 66 had been executed, Clone's squad defended Clone, and were branded as traitors and as such were hunted. (CGCJ: Order 66) As they raced to their ship, Kordal came bounding out to assist in their escape, taking out a few Clones with his tusks, but was quickly executed by the many Clones. (CGCJ: End of the Squad)