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LEGO Doctor Who Episode 1

LEGO 2 is a sequel to my first LEGO animation.


A guy walks through a portal, followed by Santa Claus and a Dalek.



  • The second day of photography for this was the same day of photography for my "LEGO Doctor Who Episode 1" animation, 14/10/2009.
  • Blanco, Hedge Guy, Hedge Boy, the Doctor, John, Jar Jar Binks and Mario all have cameo appearances.
  • At some point around the time of making this, I had planned to make a Hedge Guy and Hedge Boy, and a Jar Jar and Mario animation series, even going as far as making a secret base for Hedge Guy and Hedge Boy and a house for Jar Jar and Mario. (No photos were ever taken of these models and they have since been disassembled)

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