(Starting Clone)
8:30 CJC95 The moon is on show
8:31 CJC95 Stephen Hawking
(Also, we are commentating on the Paralympic ceremony :P )
8:32 CJC95 Stephen Hawking is talking as some thing on fire descends causing the "big bang"
8:32 Clone gunner commander jedi Why is the bot not here when we need it!
8:34 CJC95 Dancing with Umbrellas to Umbrella
8:34 Clone gunner commander jedi People dancing with umbrella's
8:34 Creeper S O....kay...
8:35 Clone gunner commander jedi (Watching the Paralympic opening ceremony :P )
8:37 CJC95 (Someone is talking)
(about the diversity of humanity)
8:38 CJC95 (He is wearing a dress but not in a cross-dressing way)
8:38 Clone gunner commander jedi (I thought they were talking about Miranda :P )
8:38 CJC95 (Oh, Prospero
The Tempest)
8:39 CJC95 (Hawking saying stuff)
8:40 CJC95 (The apple is to represent Newton, the book the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)
8:40 Clone gunner commander jedi (Is she riding an apple)
(Silver umberella's?)
8:42 CJC95 (Higgs)
8:43 Clone gunner commander jedi (Singing about light?)
(I can't tell at how low an audio quality this is :p )
8:47 CJC95 (I feel like it is impossibly hard to comment that this)
(my computer is screwing around, I don't know what is going on and its boring :P )
8:47 Clone gunner commander jedi (It keeps stopping to load for me)

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