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BCA Power Jim

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Brickipedian Christmas Advent!

"Today, [Clone] arrived and presented (dumped on me) a model of his personal starfighter. I heard some laughing in the distance so I assume they purposely did that."
―Jim [[src]]

Power Jim is a power miner who was visited by Clone Gunner Commander Jedi and Sir Knight one Christmas when sharing it with CzechMate.


First Deployment

He fought alongside Br1ck and his team during the first deployment as an engineer, he was also responsible for maintaining the security network that protected the teleporter. (The Brickipedia Project)

Christmas visitors

One year he spent December leading up to Christmas with CzechMate and each day they were visited by some of their friends.

On December twelfth, they were visited by Clone Gunner Commander Jedi who gifted Jim a model of his starfighter, which he was crushed by. Hearing laughter, he believed it to have been deliberate. (Brickipedian Christmas Advent!)

Just a day later, on December thirteenth, they were visited by Sir Knight who gifted Jim a sword that had been used to slaughter the entire One Thousand Goblin Forest's population of Goblins. (Brickipedian Christmas Advent!)