*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi appears in a flash of light and smoke; he steps forward and looks around. The room is full of exploding Daleks! All around the Daleks are screaming as they explode. Suddenly the whole place fills with the familiar sound of ancient machinery*
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi: *Screaming* “DOCTOR! WAIT!”
*The Doctor leans out of the TARDIS with his arms outstretched, completely Ignorant to Clone screaming at him, he screams* “TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!”
*A Dalek explodes very close to Clone Gunner Commander Jedi sending him flying toward the area where the TARDIS had evidently been*
*A Dalek approaches a boy who is lying on the floor staring up at where the TARDIS had been only seconds ago* “YOU SHALL BE EXTERMINATED!” *it aims at the boy, he screams* “HELP ME!” *he realises what he’s saying, stops and sighs* “Oh, what’s the point”
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi leaps forward, over the boy, who looks up in shock, and slices the Dalek in half*
*Clone turns and holds out his hand to help the boy up* “Tim? Is that just Tim or Timothy?”
Tim: “Just Tim” *He grabs Clone’s hand and lets him pull him up*
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi: “So, let me guess… the Doctor happened here?”
Tim: “Yeah…” *He quickly peers at Jake and Laura’s bodies* “So, can we leave now, too much has and is happening here”
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi: “Ok, just grab my arm and I’ll get us out of here!”
*He presses some buttons on his Vortex Manipulator*
*Tim grabs Clone’s arm and off they go in a puff of smoke, as the residual energy fades three Daleks use it to follow the Clone and his new found Human accomplice*
*Clone and his Human accomplice reappear in another puff of smoke in the middle of some kind of docks*
Tim: “So, where have you taken me? Medieval times by the looks of it”
Clone: “Hang on, I’ve been here before!”
Tim: “You have?!”
Clone: “Yeah, and if I remember correctly…”
*Suddenly three Daleks appear right behind Tim and Clone*
Clone: “Yes, I’ve definitely been here… now run to the market, QUICKLY! Before I…”
*The Daleks turn on an unsuspecting Knight who slashes at one with his sword, to no avail*
*Clone and Tim run to the market and hide behind a fruit stall, watching as the Knight hopelessly attacks the Dalek*
Tim: “Sorry, I forgot to ask… who are you? I told you who I am, so I at least think that means that I have the right to know your name”
Clone: “Indeed you have earned the right, I am CT-7.5149 or as I’m known to most people, Clone Gunner Commander Jedi!”