Sir Knight
Sir Knight the Awesome

Main aliases:

Sir Awesomeknight of Aldendan
Eques Auratus de Aldendan (by the Elves)
Orlan II



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Elf Knight

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Complete timeline of Sir Knight's adventures

Sir Knight, alias Awesomeknight is a Knight of Morcia. His name and past was forgotten, so he had to choose the name Knight. The first thing he remembers (or anyone else remembers about him) is becoming a knight. He's also the most awesome person ever.


Knight once became a squire of Sir Gavin, without knowing, nor with anyone else knowing. He became very skilled with sword-fighting, more than anyone else who was also Gavin's squire. Weeks later, trolls started attacking. Sir Gallin had to fight them, but did not succeed. A Giant Troll had killed Sir Gavin, getting Knight to fight it. Knight killed the troll, and was knighted by King William. (AoA: A Stranger Arrives) Sir Knight had many encounters of people from the future, including Clone, Jonathan, and Robert. (AoA: The Visitor From Above, Crash Landing) Knight was sent on many missions by the king, including saving Princess Celest from the resurrected Vladek. (AoA: The Alchemist and the Dark Lord) Knight killed many foes, which were: Vladek, Ortnalic and Mallock the Malign. (AoA: The third battle of Morcia, The Final Battle) After he had defeated Mallock and King William had died, Knight married Celest, thus making him king. Knight was not king for long, as he and his wife were murdered a few days after, by the White Dagger. (AoA: Legacy of Orlan)

He was later honoured by Clone when he opened up a tavern in Orkosan; the Knight and Clone. (AoA: Farewell Morcia)

Descendants of Sir Knight include; Gladimir Knight; the pirate (Pirate Roleplay), Agent Knight; the agent (Agents Roleplay), and Buzz N. Knight; the head navigator in the Space Command of Exploration (Space Roleplay).