Main aliases:

Sparks (Nickname)


Clone Trooper of the Grand Republic

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First seen in:

Order 66


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Complete timeline of Sparky's adventures

Sparky was a member of the Ternamore Squad but upon their deaths he became a member of Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Squadron. He is an engineer and has a lot of experience with technical gadgets and tinkering.



Sparky was created as an ordinary Clone.


Sparky tortured

Sparky being tortured by an Ordrak

Sparky and the rest of the Ternamore Squad were kidnapped and experimented on by the Ordraks, a vicious alien race, he was the only one to survive but was disfigured in the process.

Joining Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Squadron

He was rescued by Clone Gunner Commander Jedi and joined his Squadron out of shame for he believes that he can't go back and join the other Squadrons that were present on the same planet at the time, due to him being disfigured.

Order 66

Sparky fought alongside the Female Clone and Clone Gunner Commander Jedi, on the front line, in a battle against the other race of clone soldiers, the Sontarans. During this battle, the Female Clone was captured by a Sontaran but was saved by Sparky, after Brute had distracted it, he shot it in the probic vent, killing it. Later, once the order for the execution of all Jedi, order 66, had been initiated, he stopped a group of clones, along with the rest of Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Squadron from following Clone Gunner Commander Jedi and his Padawan, allowing them to escape. (CGCJ: Order 66)

He attended Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's funeral. (CGCJ: Clone's funeral)