Irnakk: "What star wars species would you like as a pet? i would like a Ewok" XD
Clone gunner commander jedi: "Jar Jar"
Irnakk: XD
Clone gunner commander jedi: xD
WARNING: Jar Jar might be clumsy! :P
Clone gunner commander jedi: "HAHAHA"
Irnakk: "And i would like 2 security Droids and a Green lightsaber and an astromech droid and a Death Star to rule with my stormtroopers!" >:D
Irnakk: "I would start to kill Assaij Ventress, then Shaak Ti and Ahsoka!" :D "and some of my Stromtroopers are Ewoks!" :P
Clone gunner commander jedi: "Then you could kill Yoda" >:D
Irnakk: "Yoda already had been killed by Sansse,remember?" :P
Irnakk: "I would steal his Lightsaber,though." :P
Irnakk: "And take over Dagobah!"
Irnakk: "Where my Empire will rule!" :D
Clone gunner commander jedi: "How would you if Sansse already has his lightsaber? Kill her?"
Irnakk: "I kill Sansse first with my lightsaber." :P
Irnakk: "Then i will take over Naboo!" :D
Irnakk: "And the Gungans!" :D
Irnakk: "Then i will take over Endor and Kashyyyk!"
Irnakk: "And Alderaan!"
Clone gunner commander jedi: "And amass an army of Ewoks, Gungans and Wookies?"
Irnakk: "I will even kill Darth Sidious and make Darth Maul,Darth Vader,and General Grievous my apprentices!" :D
Irnakk: "Yes!"
Clone gunner commander jedi: "Oh and Ewok Storm Troopers?"
Irnakk: "Yes!"
Irnakk: "I will even take over Kamino where the Clones are produced!"
Irnakk: :D
Irnakk: "And Geonosis,Battle droids!"
Clone gunner commander jedi: "What an army that would be" :P
Irnakk: :P
Irnakk: "The Galactic Empire should have done that,really." :P
Clone gunner commander jedi: " Blu ray edition of Duel of Fates!" :P
Irnakk: "And finally, I will ask Luke to become my lone-Jedi Ally since Obi-Wan wont agree." :P
Irnakk: "Darn it, another texture game thingy video!" :P
Irnakk: "And,most fun, I will free Tatooine's slaves and use them as my slaves" XDDDDDDDDDDD
Irnakk: "So that i dont have to find my Lightsaber again!" :P
Clone gunner commander jedi: xD
Irnakk: "And in the end, I will give myself the title "Ruler of the Galaxy"!" :D
Irnakk: "And I will take over Coruscant! Where the Jedi are.....Now under my control! I will even take over Coruscant's Pie factory" XD
Irnakk: "So that i dont have to wait for another Birthday!" :P
Clone gunner commander jedi: "But I'm already Ruler of the galaxy" D:
Irnakk: "Then we will make a deal, WE are the "Rulers of the Galaxy"!" :D
Irnakk: "I will even take over that Lightsaber crystal planet!" :D
Clone gunner commander jedi: "There can only be one Ruler of the galaxy" *gets lightsaber*
Irnakk: *Zvoom*
Irnall: "Are you threatening me master Jedi?"
Clone gunner commander jedi: "What made you think that?" >:)
Irnakk: "EWOKS! Get him!"
Ewok: "Yub yub!" :P
Clone gunner commander jedi: "Jar Jar attack!"
Irnakk: "Darn!"
Irnakk: "Chewbacca!"
Jar Jar: "Ok meesa goes get Irnakksa"
Irnakk: XD
Chewbacca: "Mhahua! Mwha!"
Irnakk: "Good,Chewbacca!"
Irnakk: "Now shut up and get him!" :P
Irnakk: "Okay! Fire Jabba the Explosive!"
*Jar Jar takes Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's lightsaber* "Whatsa this button dosa" *Lightsaber turns on and stabs him* "Ooh itsa tickles Meesa!"
Irnakk: "Heh,you have Jar jar,i have Tarpals!"
*Jar Jar collapses to the floor dead*
Irnakk: "Yousa big troublesa!" Xd
Clone gunner commander jedi: "Damn it that's the eighth Gungan this week"
Irnakk: XD
Irnakk: "That's why i mostly have Ewoks" :P
*CGCJ kidnaps Wicket*
Irnakk: "NOO!"
Irnakk: "Tarpals! Kill him now!"
Irnakk: "Wait, i dropped my Spear"
Irnakk: "DEWIT!" :P
*CGCJ does a jedi back flip and stabs Tarpals in the back* "HA!"
Irnakk: "No!"
Irnakk: "9th Gungan!" :P
*Wicket runs back to Irnakk*
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi: "NOO"
Irnakk: "Grievous,Darth Maul,GET HIM!"
*CGCJ get his padawan, his squadron and the grand army of the republic*
Irnakk: "Republic? Darn it!"
Irnakk: "Darth Plagueis is on my side because i killed Sidious for him!"
Clone gunner commander jedi: D:
Irnakk: "Vader,force choke that clone Jedi!"
Darth Vader: "Yes,my master!" *force choke*
Clone gunner commander jedi: "Save me Jar Jar" *looks at Jar Jars body on the floor* "oh right..."
Irnakk: "And Savage opress is on my side, and I made him Awesome and Smarter! :D
Clone gunner commander jedi: *Kills the one named Anakin*
Irnakk: "Lord Vader? Can you hear me? I'm alive! *kills himself with Lightsaber* "...Where was that Necessary for?"
Irnakk: "Oh,and to annoy you, i brought Ronald Mcdonald with me!" >:D *Mcrolls*
Clone gunner commander jedi: D: "my one weakness Mcroll'd"
Irnakk: >:D
*Duel of the fates music*
Irnakk: "Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan are on my Side!"
Clone gunner commander jedi: "But they are Jedi!"
Irnakk: :)
Irnakk: "I said I am their greatest fan!"
Irnakk: "So they help me!" :D
Clone gunner commander jedi: *Gets Yoda* "Now I'm serious!" >:D
Irnakk: "Yoda's dead body"
Irnakk: "Remember Sansse?" :P
Clone gunner commander jedi: D: "when did this happen?!"
Irnakk: "P.S Get Mace Windu instead"
Irnakk: "Near the beginning"
Clone gunner commander jedi: *Persuades the Ewoks to join my side as I have cookies*
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi: "MWUHAHAHA"
Irnakk: *Persuades Ewoks using Chocolate cookies* :D
Clone gunner commander jedi: *Gets them back with triple chocolate cookies* "beat that!"
Irnakk: *Chocolate sauce cookies* :D
Clone gunner commander jedi: *Kidnaps Han Solo*
Irnakk: *Gets Jabba the Hutt* "SOLO!!! COME BACK!" :P
Han Solo: "Hey Chewy get over her with your Wookie friends NOW!"
Chewbacca: "Nmuooooo!"
Han Solo: "So be it!" *get out blaster and shoots Chewbacca*
(This should definitely be episode 7 :P)
Irnakk: *gets the other Wookie standing next to Chewbacca from episode III* XD
Irnakk: "I'm more powerful,Clone! i Even have John Williams playing Obi-Wan Vs Anakin for me!" :P
Clone gunner commander jedi: "Star Wars Episode 7:Irnakk vs. Clone Gunner Commander Jedi"
Irnakk: XD
*Irnakk flees to Naboo*
*Clone gunner commander jedi attempts to slice Irnakk but Ewoks capture me and they start to roast me on a fire*
Irnakk: "nah,lets go to endor!" :P
Irnakk: "So,Clone,prepared to die?" :D
Irnakk: "No one beats Ewoks and irnakk!"
Clone gunner commander jedi: "Yes" *types in coordinates in Vortex Manipulator*
*In a flash and a puff of smoke Clone Gunner Commander Jedi is gone!*
Irnakk: "Darn it!"
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi ends up on Tatooine in the cantina*
*Irnakk arrives*
*Ewoks take over Tatooine*
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi listens to the Cantina band and thinks to himself* "Irnakk wont give up easily" *Ewoks enter, the music stops*
Bar tender: "Can I help you?"
Ewok: "Yes, have you seen this Clone?" *shows picture*
Bartender: "Yeah, he's right over there" *points at Clone*
Ewok: "Thanks"
Ewok: "Get him!"
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi starts to run but trips*
"Uh oh"
Ewok: "Hayaah!"
Clone gunner commander jedi: "AAAAGGGGHHHH!"
Clone Gunner Commander jedi: "Help me Obi Won Kenobe your my only hope!"
Obi-Wan: "No, even Yoda is busy." :P
Clone gunner commander jedi: "Oh, ok then"
Irnakk: :P
*Clone gunner commander jedi walks up to Wicket, raises arms* "I surrender, take me to your leader"
Wicket: "Yub yub!" (Means yes, Nub Nub means no :P )
Clone gunner commander jedi: "Ok"
Irnakk: "Clone's back."
Irnakk: "Kill him!"
Mace windu: "Irnakk, you are under arrest!"
Irnakk: "Oh no,not again!" >:(
Dooku: "Master Windu!" :D
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi arrests Irnakk and his Ewoks*
Irnakk: :(
Clone gunner commander jedi: "You're finished"
Irnakk: XD
Clone gunner commander jedi: "Give up!"
Irnakk: "Noo..NOOO!"
*Irnakk breaks free*
Irnakk :D
Clone gunner commander jedi: "NOO! Come back here!"
Irnakk: "Grievous, Attack!"
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi uses a jedi mind trick* "Look sir droids!"
General Grievous: "Oh! Jedi! Nice Lightsaber! Heh. Before you know it, It's mine! Haha" *cough cough!*
Irnakk: "ATTACK!"
*Tower explodes*
*CGCJ gets stabbed by Grievous*
General Grievous: "Now It's time to say goodbye! Another Lightsaber for my collection!"
General Grievous: "DROID! Give me a fifth Arm for the ligtsaber!"
*Half of Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's left arm gets sliced off by Grievous*
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi starts to limp off towards the exit*
*Wicket and Paploo stop Clone from escaping*
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi falls, dying*
Paploo: "Yub yub!"
Wicket: "oh ^ Yub Yub!" :D
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Padawan runs in, angry, he slices up Grievous and helps Clone up*
*Grievous is dying, and they realize he's a cyborg, not a droid*
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Padawan: "Now it's your turn Irnakk!"
Irnakk: "What?"
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Padawan turns to face Irnakk*
Irnakk: "You defeated Grievous!"
Irnakk: "Now it's time to get defeated by Me!"
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Padawan: "Bring it!"
*Irnakk slices with his lightsaber*
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Padawan: "I dare you!" *He jumps, Irnakk misses*
"Ha! you'll have to be better than that!"
*Irnakk throws his Lightsaber at Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Padawan's throat*
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Padawan collapses*
Irnakk: "Ha!"
Clone gunner commander jedi and his Padawan: "WE WILL NOT DIE HERE!"
*Greedo comes in and shoots them both*
Irnakk: "Lol. Greedo, Thanks." >:D
Greedo: "You're welcome, now where's my bounty?"
Irnakk: "Here!"
*100,000,999,767,899 Money is given to Greedo*
*Greedo takes the money, then aims his blaster at Irnakk* "Now I think I'll be taking everything you own!"
*Irnakk shoots Greedo the way Han did in 'A New Hope'*
Count Dooku: "Oh bounty hunters" *He sighs*
*Irnakk takes the money back* "That's how i kill a Bounty Hunter."
Greedo: "Well I never saw that coming" *He dies*
Irnakk: ;D