Part 1

*The door to the tavern bursts open and a man in a battered old blue waist coat enters*
*The man walks up to the bar and calls out to the bartender* "Excuse me"
*The bartender ignores the man and continues to scrub his glasses*
*The man produces a gold coin from one of the pockets of his waistcoat and shines it in the light, catching the bartender's attention* "Man by the name of Knight, know him?"
Bartender: "Gim' me that coin you got there first"
*The man tosses the coin to the bartender* "Now, do you know a man named Knight or not?"
Bartender: "Long hair, eye-patch, stubble, have a strange sort of green beast for a pet, that 'im?"
Gunnery Master: "Yeah, that description sounds like him... do you happen to know where he went?"
Bartender: "No idea, sir"
*The Gunnery Master produces another coin from his pockets and waves it at the bartender, who quickly snatches it and puts it in his pocket with the other coin*
Gunner Master: "So now do you know where he went?"
Bartender: "He went off with a pirate captain... it'll cost a further two gold coins for a name though..."
*Annoyed, the Gunnery Master hands the bartender a further two gold coins*
Bartender: "This Knight guy and his creature left with the infamous Pirate Captain Brox-I don't know where they went"
*The Gunnery Master thanks the bartender and heads towards the door of the tavern, as he leaves, he speaks to himself in a whisper* "I'm coming for you Knight!"

Part 2

*The Gunnery Master walks along a beach, talking to himself* "Where are you Knight?"
*Suddenly, he spots two mermaids, two entrancing mermaids. As if hypnotized, he rushes towards them*
*BANG! The Gunnery Master snaps back to his senses and spots the source of the gun fire just ahead, he rushes towards it*
*Just as the Gunnery Master reaches the source of the gun fire, he notices three people, wait, one of them isn't human?! he reaches for his sword and lunges it at the nearest persons throat, he quickly realizes who it is* "There you are!"
Gladimir: "Who are you and what do you want from me?"
*Gunnery Master pulls down his bandana*
Gunnery Master: "It's me, Gunnery Master."
Gladimir: "I don't remember you... Am I supposed to?"
Gunnery Master: "Oh, I guess you're the wrong Knight... ...I must have waited for too long..." *As the Gunner Master watches Knight and Barrels huddle together, he thinks to himself* "Ah, Knight, yes... Knight, he certainly does look like good old Sir Knight, but a bit more... piratey..."