Surprise of the Daleks…
My iStopMotion Movie 54

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1338 (Not all were used in the end)



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Surprise of the Daleks… is an animation made for my college course. This is the first of anything to depict one of Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's many adventures with the Doctor, during his initial travels in the TARDIS. This was completed in time and got me a distinction grade. (It's not actually THAT good)


The TARDIS materializes on an alien landscape, with the Doctor and Clone unaware that the Dalek’s are also present, nearby…



  • I may or may not adapt the script for posting on here.
  • A test of the first two shots, the TARDIS materializing and the door opening, were done on 28/05/2014.
  • Scripting and storyboards were completed on 03/06/2014. (These will never be posted)
  • This was photographed using college cameras, meaning that the quality is terrible. (640x480 4:3)
  • This was animated with iStopMotion, at 12 frames per seconds.
  • Most of the early shots were completed on 04/06/2014.
  • The shot of the Doctor turning to find Clone gone was completed on 04/06/2014.
  • The shots of Clone following the Dalek and the Alien native scurrying behind Clone were completed on 10/06/2014.
  • More shots of Clone following the Dalek and the Alien native scurrying after Clone were completed on 11/06/2014.
  • The shots of the Doctor spotting and running up to Clone were completed on 16/06/2014.
  • The shots of the Doctor, Clone and the Daleks were completed on 17/06/2014.
  • Several of the shots were given titles; Shot 7: Clone Dalek spotting, Shot 10: Running after Clone, Shot 15: Alien's death TBE, Shots 20, 22, 28-29: Dalek POV.
  • Four versions of this exist; a mute full unedited version, one with the series 1&2 soundtrack theme, one with sound effects and one with sound effects and the series 1&2 soundtrack theme.