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[09:53] <Awesomeknight1234> The Beatles are epic.
[09:53] <Jeyo> they are
[09:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I beg to differ
[09:53] <Stormbringer Empire791> D:
[09:53] <CJC95> BOO
[09:53] <Jeyo> Do you, now?
[09:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Yes, I do
[09:53] <CJC95> Beady Eye are going to play
[09:53] <CJC95> Beady Eye are Oasis without the talented Gallagher.
[09:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I saw that on the drums
[09:53] <CJC95> Sure, Liam can sing alright
[09:53] <Jeyo> Clone, you don't like the beatles!?
[09:53] <Awesomeknight1234> :O
[09:53] <Awesomeknight1234> D:<
[09:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi> No, I don't
[09:54] <Stormbringer Empire791> *CGCJ gets demoted*
[09:54] <Stormbringer Empire791> :P
[09:54] <Cligra> Wut.
[09:54] <Jeyo> D;
[09:54] <Awesomeknight1234> *Straps Clone to fire.*
[09:54] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I find them annoying :P
[09:54] <Awesomeknight1234> You are a witch!
[09:54] <Jeyo> AAH
[09:54] <Awesomeknight1234> *Burns fire.*
[09:54] <Clone gunner commander jedi> VERY annoying
[09:54] <Cligra> Wut.
[09:54] <Awesomeknight1234> The Beatles are the best!
[09:54] <Jeyo> ^
[09:54] <Stormbringer Empire791> CGCJ turned me into a newt!
[09:54] <Stormbringer Empire791> (british accent)
[09:55] <Stormbringer Empire791> Awesomeknight mentioned witches
[11:03] <CJC95> Pretty sure the drummer for The Who currently is Ringo Starr's son
[11:03] <Awesomeknight1234> Ringo Starr was neglected.
[11:03] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Who?
[11:03] <Awesomeknight1234> Ringo Starr!
[11:03] <Awesomeknight1234> Haven't you heard of him? :O
[11:03] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Who?!
[11:04] <Awesomeknight1234> Of course not, he was neglected.
[11:04] <Jeyo> He's the drummer for the Beatles!
[11:04] <Awesomeknight1234> ^
[11:04] <Awesomeknight1234> Yeah.
[11:04] <Clone gunner commander jedi> UGH the Beatles! (eyeroll)
[11:04] <Awesomeknight1234> Ugh, hatred to the best band ever.
[11:05] <Jeyo> ^
[11:05] <Clone gunner commander jedi> (eyeroll)
[11:05] <Jeyo> Clone the Beatles are AWESOME!
[11:05] <CzechMate> I prefer Queen to the Beatles
[11:05] <Clone gunner commander jedi> ^
[11:05] <CzechMate> But I still like the Beatles
[11:05] <Jeyo> Queen?
[11:05] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Queen is the best, not the Beatles

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