The Brickipedia Project
The Brickipedia Project

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Animation test #1 (The only released footage from this)

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Great monkey, big lizzard, fight!

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Morcia Chronicles adaption (Unknown if ever produced)

The Brickipedia Project was an animation planned by Br1ck animat0r that was to feature many Brickipedian based characters but ultimately never went beyond one animation test. The plot was worked on in collaboration with Br1ck, Prisinorzero and Power Jim. It was planned to be finished and released by February 2012.


"A virus attacks the wiki, several user IPs are taken into the server in the form of lego minifigures, they fight the virus." - As Br1ck described it.

A sentient virus is released into the Brickipedia domain. A group of users lead by Br1ck, Clone Gunner Commander Jedi, Prisinorzero and Power Jim unite in order to stop it.


Br1ck designs a teleporter which the users use to enter the Brickipedia domain to fight the virus, although Br1ck, Clone and Zero are able to do so freely. Jim maintains the security network that protects the teleporter.

First Deployment

During the first deployment Crazed Penguin is killed by Clone Gunner Commander Jedi in friendly-fire and King of Nynrah saves SilverLego.

Clone is among the first to discover the virus's weakness, along with Cligra.


  • It was to feature "No voices [...] SFX and a kick-butt song that only [Br1ck] and clone [knew] of."
  • Br1ck was to adapt the Morcia Chronicles and add a scene in-which the main characters first meet in a tavern. Also, Br1ck was to have some of his friends voice the characters. It is unknown if anything was ever produced for this.
  • This article has been written by Clone gunner commander jedi, from his recollections and what little information is available online, thus some information may be a bit wrong