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12:03 1999bug ohgodwhy
My mom wants me to go be "social"
12:03 Soupperson1 xD
12:03 1999bug girl
12:04 Soupperson1 say you have an online female friend named soup :P
12:04 1999bug AKA "Hi, I like bologna, how about you? Err-"
"-yeah. c:"
*girl facepalms*
*I die*
*Goes back to the internet*
12:05 Soupperson1 xD
12:05 1999bug *..even though I'm dead...*
12:05 Soupperson1 It could be worse
once a dude said I had nice eyebrows :S
12:07 1999bug Once a girl said
I had
12:07 Soupperson1 Oh bug, did you hear sony are condsidring making MJ a boy :P
12:07 1999bug That wasn't Sony
Andrew Garfield said that
He was joking, though
12:08 Soupperson1 I know xD
theres like a 1/100000 chance it could happen
Bug does your mom want as in a kissy kissy social realitionship with the girl? :P
12:09 Awesomeknight1234 Hi.
12:10 Soupperson1 o/ knight
I think I killed bug >:D
12:13 RaceLord you just said "kissy kissy social realitionship with the girl?" think that partly translate to "want to go out Bug?"
12:15 Soupperson1 I doubt think its remotely possible even if I wanted too, date bug :P
which I dont
12:15 1999bug :3 You sure?
12:15 CM4Sci oh right, sorrry
Soup is dating Bug?!
12:16 Clone gunner commander jedi I wonder how awkward this is for Bug :P
12:16 1999bug 1/10? Eh, 50.
Maybe I'll go talk to that girl now, it'll be better than this.
12:16 Soupperson1 xD
12:17 Clone gunner commander jedi Anything is better than this Bug...
12:17 1999bug I might go spy on her out the window, though. :}
12:17 CM4Sci ferpferpferp
12:17 Soupperson1 xD
12:18 RaceLord lol
12:18 1999bug Replacing a with er doesn't make that any better, CM4S.
12:18 1999bug c:
12:18 MsD Fapuland
12:18 CzechMate Bug and Soup, not Nuff and Soup
12:18 Soupperson1 :S
12:18 1999bug wut
12:19 CM4Sci MSD WTH
12:19 RaceLord what would be better? a picture with Bug and Soup kissing, or a picture with Bug and Soup kissing with Hulk in the background eating a banana?
12:20 Soupperson1 @MsD does are freaky, but not as freaky as;Vy8yN-0MVRfcAM;;;416;312
12:20 CM4Sci If I could ADD DECORATIONS, BUG!
12:20 CzechMate Bug eating a bananda
12:20 CM4Sci I'd make that a pic.
12:20 CzechMate *banana
12:20 RaceLord brb
12:21 Soupperson1 wait your making a picture of me and bug kissing? with the hulk stalking eating a banana? XD
12:22 CM4Sci maybe not eating his banana
12:22 Soupperson1 xD
*dirty minded* :3
12:23 1999bug ^
12:23 1999bug So, can I borrow someone's gun?
No offense, Soup. :P
12:23 Soupperson1 :P , I 'd do the same thing
12:24 1999bug But you won't, because you know you want some of this. c:
12:24 CM4Sci bug = small = some microscopic
12:24 Soupperson1 xD
12:25 1999bug :c
12:25 CM4Sci HAHAHAHhahaha
12:26 1999bug I'm coming for you, CM4S.
12:27 RaceLord * RaceLord give CM4S a suit of Armor
12:27 ToaMeiko asaffsgdh test
12:27 CM4Sci sweeegggggg
12:27 1999bug * 1999bug puts on my Iron Man suit *
12:27 1999bug ohgodwaicm4s
12:27 RaceLord * RaceLord puts on suit armor
* RaceLord gives everyone a suit of armor
12:28 MsD * MsD puts on nothing
12:29 RaceLord so everyone has a suit of armor on, and MsD is naked
12:29 1999bug * 1999bug randomly dies *
12:30 CM4Sci NO
12:30 ToaMeiko 263 Ford Taunus de Luxe with Garage - I like that garage piece
12:30 Soupperson1 *Pretends to be sad for the "boyfriend" I never wanted
12:30 CM4Sci soup and bug
blonde and blonde
12:30 RaceLord so its true, Bug and Soup are dating
12:31 ToaMeiko I ship it
12:31 Awesomeknight1234 Couples DO look alike..
12:31 CM4Sci @Meiko
12:31 CzechMate Boup.
12:31 CM4Sci Boup?
12:31 RaceLord Bring in the Hulk Band!
12:31 CzechMate Bug + soup
12:31 Soupperson1 xD
12:31 CM4Sci Sug
12:31 RaceLord *Hulks start playing music*
12:31 CM4Sci Soug
12:31 Awesomeknight1234 Any Aussies for Czech?
12:31 CM4Sci omg wth
12:31 ToaMeiko Captain Jag is from New Zealand
12:31 CM4Sci when did he get here
12:31 ToaMeiko close enough
12:31 Awesomeknight1234 Wait.
12:31 Soupperson1 xD
12:31 Awesomeknight1234 Jim is from Australia.
12:31 CM4Sci james
12:31 ToaMeiko Someone needs to blog this
12:31 CM4Sci jim*
12:31 Soupperson1 Jim x Czech
12:32 Awesomeknight1234 Wait.
Both with the same name.
12:32 Awesomeknight1234 Jamie and Jim.
12:32 Soupperson1 :O
how can you not ship it?
12:32 Awesomeknight1234 Both come from James.
12:32 ToaMeiko Someone create a blog with this
12:33 Awesomeknight1234 CM4S and whom?
12:33 Soupperson1 Nuff! :P
12:33 ToaMeiko User:ToaMeiko - #40
12:33 Awesomeknight1234 No.
12:33 Soupperson1 you XD
12:33 1999bug am I going to explain this to Nuff?!
12:33 Awesomeknight1234 J2G?
12:33 RaceLord Meiko, you should be logging this
12:33 ToaMeiko Bot's broken
12:33 RaceLord dang
12:33 Soupperson1 Meiko x his bot
12:34 RaceLord copy and past the chat
12:34 ToaMeiko no
12:34 RaceLord to the logs
12:34 ToaMeiko no
12:34 1999bug o.O That would hurt.
I mean
12:34 Soupperson1 xD
12:34 RaceLord 0_0
12:34 1999bug bologna
12:34 Awesomeknight1234 XD
12:34 1999bug YUM
12:34 ToaMeiko I'll try logging
12:34 Awesomeknight1234 Um..
12:34 CM4Sci User blog:CM4Sci/BOUP IS OFFICIAL
12:34 Awesomeknight1234 Who'd go with RaceLord?
MeikoBot has joined the chat, welcome! Please remember to be appropriate and follow these rules so that everyone can have a fun time!
12:35 CM4Sci me and t...
ok nvm
12:35 Awesomeknight1234 Um, who would Clone go with?
12:35 CzechMate Boup1999
12:35 RaceLord brb, watching Deleted scenes from Hulk
12:35 MsD you
12:35 ToaMeiko Yeah the bot is like
12:35 ToaMeiko broken
12:35 Soupperson1 Clone x CJC
12:35 Awesomeknight1234 Eww, MsD.
12:35 CzechMate Clone with Zero.
12:35 MeikoBot Chat logging enabled
12:35 ToaMeiko oh
okay then
maybe it'll work
12:36 Awesomeknight1234 Although I think that's true, Czech, I don't think you should have said that.
12:36 CM4Sci czech
no gay couples
12:36 Clone gunner commander jedi What have I returned to?
12:36 1999bug I feel like Clone might slaughter you, Czech.
12:36 Clone gunner commander jedi Honestly...?
12:36 Awesomeknight1234 We were parring everyone.
12:36 CM4Sci parring?
12:36 Awesomeknight1234 Bug and Soup.
12:36 CM4Sci I'm with...
12:36 Awesomeknight1234 CM4S and J2G.
12:37 1999bug Parring? Golf?
12:37 CzechMate I meant it non-sexually
12:37 Awesomeknight1234 Meiko with his bot.
12:37 CM4Sci
12:37 Awesomeknight1234 And you, Clone, with Zero.
12:37 CM4Sci hehehehe
12:37 Awesomeknight1234 :S
Czech suggested it.
12:37 CzechMate Shipping doesn't have to be sexual..
12:37 ToaMeiko CM4S and Taylor
12:37 Soupperson1 Brotherly love
12:37 CM4Sci I was gonna say that Meiko
12:37 ToaMeiko No KoN and I have it going :3
12:37 CM4Sci ooooh
12:37 Awesomeknight1234 What about me, though?
12:37 Awesomeknight1234 Nu-uh.
12:38 ToaMeiko [6/10/2013 8:51:49 PM] George Barnick: You and me are bros [6/10/2013 8:51:51 PM] George Barnick: ily bro [6/10/2013 9:35:31 PM] Glen (Zykx/KoN): ily2 dude [6/10/2013 9:35:33 PM] Glen (Zykx/KoN): no homo :P [6/10/2013 9:36:05 PM] George Barnick: ya i kno [6/10/2013 9:36:13 PM] George Barnick: everything is #nohomo [6/10/2013 9:36:22 PM] George Barnick: because #homo is GAY [6/10/2013 9:36:33 PM] Glen (Zykx/KoN): gayyyyy
12:38 Awesomeknight1234 At least I'm not with J2G.
12:38 1999bug Awesomeknight.. with Awesomeknight ;3
12:38 CM4Sci l?
a little selfinsideself
12:38 Awesomeknight1234 Eww, Bug.
I know what you're suggesting.
12:38 Soupperson1 Knight x Knight
12:38 Awesomeknight1234 But you do that all the time.
I do not.
12:38 1999bug Knight x Knight's Sword
12:38 CM4Sci but
oh yeah
12:38 1999bug ;3
12:38 Soupperson1 Bug xD
12:38 Awesomeknight1234 Eww.
Even worse.
12:39 Soupperson1 Knight x Sannse
12:39 ToaMeiko oh god
12:39 Awesomeknight1234 But I am Sannse.
12:39 MsD ^^^^^ xDDD
12:39 Awesomeknight1234 So, Soup, you're suggesting the thing Bug does 7 days a week.
12:39 ToaMeiko reading my chats with KoN is soounds so wrong without the files we were sending each other
12:39 CM4Sci Ys
knight and sannse
12:39 1999bug Eating pie?
12:39 Awesomeknight1234 No, Bug.
12:40 Soupperson1 It better be eating pie :P
12:40 Awesomeknight1234 Fabuland.
12:40 ToaMeiko [6/1/2013 8:50:23 PM] Zykx (Glen/KoN): ooh wassat [6/1/2013 8:51:41 PM] George Barnick: something that will never happen [6/1/2013 8:51:48 PM] *** George Barnick sent IMG_01062013_205148.png *** [6/1/2013 8:52:05 PM] Zykx (Glen/KoN): :O [6/1/2013 8:52:08 PM | Edited 8:52:11 PM] Zykx (Glen/KoN): are you a wizard [6/1/2013 8:52:29 PM] George Barnick: yes i am [6/1/2013 8:53:04 PM] *** Zykx (Glen/KoN) sent IMG_02062013_015307.png *** [6/1/2013 8:53:42 PM] George Barnick: lol ily2 [6/1/2013 8:54:14 PM] George Barnick: ew [6/1/2013 8:54:14 PM] George Barnick: why [6/1/2013 8:55:20 PM] *** George Barnick sent IMG_01062013_205520.png *** [6/1/2013 8:55:33 PM] George Barnick: how thick u like it [6/1/2013 8:56:14 PM] Zykx (Glen/KoN): pretty thick [6/1/2013 8:56:20 PM] *** George Barnick sent IMG_01062013_205620.png *** [6/1/2013 8:56:40 PM] Zykx (Glen/KoN): aww yiss
12:40 1999bug KNIGHT, THAT'S NATURE.
I mean
12:40 RaceLord Meiko, is it ok if I swear once?
12:40 ToaMeiko no
12:40 Clone gunner commander jedi * Clone gunner commander jedi is VERY confused
12:40 MsD can we all swear once
12:40 Clone gunner commander jedi No
12:40 MsD please
12:41 Awesomeknight1234 Um..
12:41 ToaMeiko [6/1/2013 3:58:08 PM] George Barnick: dude vote ily [6/1/2013 4:39:07 PM] Zykx (Glen/KoN): ily3 bb [6/1/2013 4:39:18 PM] Zykx (Glen/KoN): (becuz 3 is mor then 2) [6/1/2013 4:40:01 PM] George Barnick: aww stahp my feels ;‿;
12:41 Awesomeknight1234 MsD and Meiko.
12:41 1999bug F
12:41 RaceLord fine WHAT THE (Intert Word) IS GOING ON!
12:41 CzechMate Intert.
12:41 1999bug I'm going on. ;)
12:41 MsD A
12:41 Soupperson1 you could say Fuddles?
12:41 Awesomeknight1234 Fuddles.
12:41 Awesomeknight1234 * >:D
12:41 MsD A
12:41 Awesomeknight1234 Who wants to fuddle?
Sounds wrong.
12:41 Soupperson1 xD
12:41 MsD i wanna fuddle
let me fuddle
12:42 Soupperson1 Knight x MsD :P
12:42 Awesomeknight1234 Ew.
12:42 MsD o heil yea
12:42 Awesomeknight1234 Never.
12:42 Soupperson1 wrong feels so right :p
12:42 Awesomeknight1234 Soup, you're adding the word you substituted with cuddle.
12:42 Clone gunner commander jedi * Clone gunner commander jedi is now completely as to what everyone is going on about
12:42 CzechMate MassiveKnightDuck
12:42 Awesomeknight1234 Eww.
12:43 CzechMate Knuck?
12:43 Awesomeknight1234 I don't think I pair with any user.
12:43 CzechMate Or Knassive?
12:43 CM4Sci User blog:CM4Sci/BRICKI SHIPPING
12:43 Clone gunner commander jedi * Clone gunner commander jedi is now completely confused as to what everyone is going on about*
12:43 CM4Sci clone
you love zero
don't deny it
go to zero
have fun and try it 83
12:44 Awesomeknight1234 I got to admit, it's true.
12:44 1999bug Remember that one ROBLOX user you wanted to get it on with, Knight? :3
12:44 Awesomeknight1234 No.
12:44 CM4Sci Oh yeah! @Bug
What was her name?
12:44 1999bug IDK
12:44 Awesomeknight1234 It was a joke. :3
12:44 1999bug Sure.
12:44 Awesomeknight1234 I make those kinds of jokes all the time. -_-
12:44 1999bug Sure.
12:45 MeikoBot Chat logging disabled
12:45 Awesomeknight1234 How about Rose Tyler, Bug?
12:45 RaceLord logged everything from the start so far User blog:RaceLord/Parring Everyone
12:45 MeikoBot Status: Disabled Reason: Removing content from pages
Shutting down internal server
12:45 Awesomeknight1234 Although Bug is dating Soup, he secretly has a date on Rose Tyler.
12:45 1999bug Parring? GOLF! :D
12:45 CM4Sci
12:45 CzechMate Parring?
12:45 1999bug :3
12:45 CzechMate xD
12:45 1999bug "a date on"
MeikoBot has left the chat.
12:45 CM4Sci GUYS
12:45 RaceLord oops
* RaceLord explodes
12:45 CM4Sci User blog:CM4Sci/BRICKI SHIPPING
12:46 1999bug That's not her, CM4S
12:46 Awesomeknight1234
You know you love her, Bug.
You've said it a million times.
Maybe you like Sarah Jane Smith better. XD
12:47 Soupperson1 tempted to comment on ever picture: BUG IS MINE! >:(
12:47 CM4Sci ew
12:48 Awesomeknight1234 CM4S, you know your "cousin"?
Does she actually exist? e_e
12:48 MsD yes
12:48 Awesomeknight1234 I think you are her. :3
12:48 CzechMate ^
12:48 ToaMeiko I ship
CM4S + Dog
12:48 Awesomeknight1234 XD
12:48 Soupperson1 OMG Meiko
Perfect ship
12:48 CzechMate CM4S + Chima
12:48 Awesomeknight1234 I ship CM4S + Parker.
12:48 1999bug Doggy st-
12:48 CzechMate Chim4S
12:48 1999bug Um
12:49 RaceLord this started from me saying you just said "kissy kissy social realitionship with the girl?" think that partly translate to "want to go out Bug?" Then CM4S was crazy, and everyone is like "Bug and Soup forever"
12:49 Soupperson1 :P
12:49 MsD A
12:49 1999bug Actually, it started with
12:49 MsD S
12:49 1999bug "ohgodwhy"
12:49 MsD T
12:49 1999bug BTW, Soup..
12:49 MsD can someone ike
kick me
12:49 1999bug You have nice eyebrows. c:
12:50 Awesomeknight1234 Berry and Cligra.
12:50 Soupperson1 OMG yesh
12:50 1999bug I got Bigla out of that.
12:50 ToaMeiko MsD
I read that as
Can someone lick me
12:50 Awesomeknight1234 Bergla?
12:50 1999bug Me too
12:51 Clone gunner commander jedi Per Meiko O_O
12:51 1999bug Okay c:
12:51 Soupperson1 Per Meiko
12:51 ToaMeiko Okay MsD
12:51 1999bug *lick*
12:51 MsD thank you c:
12:51 ToaMeiko french kiss cm4s's dog
12:51 Awesomeknight1234 I read it as, "Where do you want to be licked.."
12:51 Soupperson1 ew xD
12:51 CM4Sci Cousin?
Which cousin
12:51 CzechMate CHIM4S FTW
12:51 ToaMeiko Your dog, Cody
12:51 Awesomeknight1234 The one you told me about, CM4S.
The creep.
12:51 Soupperson1 CodyxUnamed Dog
12:51 Awesomeknight1234 Who said she's my soulmate.
12:52 1999bug Codog
12:52 ToaMeiko ^
12:52 1999bug CORNDOG
12:52 ToaMeiko ^^^^^^
12:52 Soupperson1 OMG yesh
12:52 ToaMeiko We're too busy shipping each other that none of you are aware Legodude101 is vandalizing tons of pages
12:53 CM4Sci Oh, Anna
Wait, what
12:53 Soupperson1 cant we ship him with someone
12:53 MsD ledodude101 + makuta
12:53 ToaMeiko Legodude101 + himself
12:53 CM4Sci I see nothing Meiko
12:53 ToaMeiko TakuaJr + Legodude101
12:53 MsD 1 grape
2 grape
3 rape
4 grape
12:54 1999bug Volcam + Legodude101
12:54 MsD >_>
i meant grape
MsD has been kicked by 1999bug.
12:54 1999bug c:
MsD has joined the chat, welcome! Please remember to be appropriate and follow these rules so that everyone can have a fun time!
12:54 Soupperson1 xD
12:54 ToaMeiko g-rape
12:54 Awesomeknight1234 Wait.
12:54 MsD i love grapes
12:54 ToaMeiko geeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrape
12:54 Soupperson1 Grape
12:54 1999bug I'm therapist
*a therapist
12:54 CM4Sci Where's Jeyo?
12:54 Soupperson1 xD
12:54 Awesomeknight1234 That's a **** in the spot..
12:54 CM4Sci I need to report something to him
12:54 Awesomeknight1234 You know.
Um, the um..
You know.
12:55 Soupperson1 Jeyo x ?
12:55 Awesomeknight1234 The G..
Never mind.
12:55 CM4Sci No, someone made a comment
12:55 1999bug (Storm + Snooki)
12:55 ToaMeiko Cakedude + any female or person who plays guitar hero 3
12:55 1999bug storki
12:55 Awesomeknight1234 ^
Cakedude + Female version of Meiko.
12:56 1999bug Cakedude + Judy Nails
12:56 ToaMeiko Yeah
12:56 Soupperson1 Cakedude called Judy Nails Hot and Sexy :S
and shes a cartoon
12:56 1999bug :3
12:56 ToaMeiko Yeah
Animated porn
12:56 Awesomeknight1234 Brickipedia
12:56 Clone gunner commander jedi What? :S
12:56 MsD Frickipedia
12:57 Awesomeknight1234 Brickipedia Chat
At day it's good, at night it's dirty.
12:57 CM4Sci lol that's what i called this place after my infinite ban @msd
Brickipedia After Dark -raises eyebrows up and down-
things get dirty
and real fun
12:57 Clone gunner commander jedi Indeed
12:57 Soupperson1 xD
12:57 Awesomeknight1234 Clone, I love how you said that.
12:57 ToaMeiko dickipedia, the wiki for dick chaney
12:57 MsD xD
12:57 ToaMeiko c:
12:57 Awesomeknight1234 XD
12:58 ToaMeiko I should start that
see what wikia does
12:58 Soupperson1 I think theres a pornipedia
12:58 MsD yes you should
12:58 Soupperson1 xD
12:58 Awesomeknight1234 No wonder why his first name was Dick..]
12:58 MsD :D
12:58 CM4Sci membership is $9.99 for a month and for lifetime is $59.99 sign up now and you get to see everything, even CONFIDENTIAL IMAGES!
12:58 ToaMeiko we should all be banned
12:58 Soupperson1 xD
12:58 MsD no
12:58 CM4Sci then there'd be no bricki
12:58 Awesomeknight1234 XD
12:58 1999bug
12:58 Awesomeknight1234 :D
I love pork.
Who doesn't?
12:59 CM4Sci
12:59 Awesomeknight1234 Sausage, ribs, bacon, ham..
12:59 Clone gunner commander jedi I don't
12:59 Soupperson1 :|
12:59 CzechMate Pervopedia, perhaps?
12:59 CM4Sci @Soup
-starts uploading pictures-
12:59 Soupperson1 xD
12:59 MsD ...
12:59 RaceLord back
12:59 MsD front
12:59 1999bug I checked NewFiles, lol
1:00 MsD eiogesg
1:00 1999bug c:
1:00 Soupperson1 xD
1:00 Awesomeknight1234 The Chat Purge.
1:00 Awesomeknight1234 One day a year, all rules are broken.
1:00 ToaMeiko >is disappointed
1:00 Awesomeknight1234 WOO!
1:00 CM4Sci for the next 12 hours
1:00 1999bug I'd probably just use all caps. :P
1:00 CM4Sci all rules are suspended
1:00 Awesomeknight1234 Ban everyone for FUN!
1:00 Soupperson1 kay xD
1:00 Awesomeknight1234 Swear for fun!
Awesomeknight1234 has been kicked by Soupperson1.
1:00 Awesomeknight1234 Get dirty for fun!
1:00 1999bug Doesn't that mean everyone can be banned for no reason? :P
1:00 CM4Sci your government thanks you for your participation
Awesomeknight1234 has joined the chat, welcome! Please remember to be appropriate and follow these rules so that everyone can have a fun time!
1:00 Soupperson1 for fun! :P
1:00 Awesomeknight1234 CAPSLOCK FOR FUN!
1:00 1999bug Oh wait
He said that
1:00 Awesomeknight1234 It's a joke.
1:00 1999bug :P
1:01 CM4Sci If only Berry were here LOL
we'd all be banned
1:01 1999bug Ikr
1:01 ToaMeiko I've been chatbanned by my bot before
1:01 1999bug We would
1:01 Soupperson1 xD
1:01 RaceLord * RaceLord pulls out the Ban Hammer and starts hitting everyone
1:01 Soupperson1 But he couldnt resist him/Cligra
1:01 Awesomeknight1234 Berry <3 Cligra.
1:02 MsD bags
plastic bags
1:02 CM4Sci Me + Astrid (LEGO Designer)
1:03 1999bug o.O
1:03 Awesomeknight1234 Heh.
1:03 Soupperson1 xD
1:03 ToaMeiko I've met her
1:03 Awesomeknight1234 I bet you like his As-trid.
1:03 CzechMate CM4SS + CHIMA = Chim4S
1:03 CM4Sci why am i not surprised @meiko
1:03 ToaMeiko Somewhere in my dropbox there's a picture of me and her
1:03 Soupperson1 Codrid
1:03 CM4Sci ew
1:04 Awesomeknight1234 You like his As-trid, don't you?
1:04 Soupperson1 astrody?
1:04 RaceLord * RaceLord looks up, then down, looks into Knight's Kitchen, looks into Soup's bedroom, then looks at Hulks face
1:04 Awesomeknight1234 O_o
Um, Race, what are you suggesting?
1:04 Soupperson1 Im not in my bedroom :P Ha
1:04 Awesomeknight1234 Also, isn't it Bug and Soup together?
1:04 RaceLord i'm just looking around
1:04 CM4Sci HIS?! @Knight
1:04 Awesomeknight1234 You're suggesting cheating.
BrickfilmNut has joined the chat, welcome! Please remember to be appropriate and follow these rules so that everyone can have a fun time!
1:05 Soupperson1 o/ BFN
1:05 CM4Sci
1:05 RaceLord then why at I looking into your Kitchen Knight
1:05 BrickfilmNut Hey guys o/
1:05 BrickfilmNut Ugh, my fingers are asleep. :P
1:05 Soupperson1 Astrody? its a perfect name :P
1:05 Awesomeknight1234 Race, it happens in the kitchen, too.
1:05 BrickfilmNut So much for typing...
1:05 1999bug Welcome to the Chat Purge, BFN.
1:05 RaceLord lol
1:05 1999bug The Government thanks you for your participation.
1:05 BrickfilmNut (xp)
O/ O/
1:05 BrickfilmNut ...hey. o/
1:05 Clone gunner commander jedi BFN, leave now, for your sanity! D:
1:05 BrickfilmNut :P
@Clone: What sanity?
1:06 CM4Sci OK
1:06 BrickfilmNut Oh, wait a minute, just saw those blogs...
1:06 Soupperson1 Were gone ship crazy! :D
1:06 CM4Sci Love it <3
1:06 BrickfilmNut Dang, I'm out of here!
1:06 MsD me + meiko + kon
1:06 RaceLord * RaceLord grabs BFN and tosses him into Czech's Bathroom
1:06 Soupperson1 OMG BrickLord <3
1:06 MsD no actually
BrickfilmNut has left the chat.
1:06 MsD me + lfy + BFN
1:06 CM4Sci unh
1:06 ToaMeiko MsD, KoN is mine
1:06 Awesomeknight1234 As-trid.
1:06 MsD kk well lfy and BFN are mine
1:06 Awesomeknight1234 You like her As-trid, I know you do, CM4S.
1:06 CM4Sci
1:07 MsD >_> >_< <_<
1:07 Awesomeknight1234 Um, she's like 5.
1:07 CzechMate CHIM4S
1:07 Soupperson1 Hiccup
1:07 MsD ^
1:07 Soupperson1 In the new one shes like 17
CM4S is like 3 :P
1:07 CM4Sci no
Jeyo has joined the chat, welcome! Please remember to be appropriate and follow these rules so that everyone can have a fun time!
1:07 CM4Sci 11 <_<
1:07 Awesomeknight1234 I hate it when I mistake midgets for being young people.
1:07 Soupperson1 o/ Jeyo
1:08 Jeyo o/
1:08 ToaMeiko JEYO
We're being shipped
1:08 Soupperson1 Jeyo we need to ship you with someone :P
1:08 RaceLord * RaceLord grabs Soup and Bug and locks them in Jeyo's Bathroom
1:08 Jeyo Shipped?
1:08 RaceLord Run Jeyo!
1:08 Awesomeknight1234 Oh, god.
1:08 Jeyo What...
1:08 Awesomeknight1234 I know what CM4S will suggest for Jeyo.
1:08 CM4Sci ?
1:08 Awesomeknight1234 Due to Jeyo's Vladek-ness.
1:08 CM4Sci oh
knight and jeyo
1:08 Soupperson1 Shipped=Paired
1:08 Awesomeknight1234 :S
1:08 Soupperson1 Keyo
1:08 CzechMate Jeyo + Himself
Jeyo + Editing
1:08 Soupperson1 Kneyo <3
1:08 Awesomeknight1234 Jeyo + Knight + Sannse?
1:08 ToaMeiko Czech, no
1:08 RaceLord Kniyo
1:08 CM4Sci Sounds Japanese @Soup
1:09 ToaMeiko Legodude101 + himself
1:09 RaceLord no, Soup's is better
1:09 Soupperson1 Anime
1:09 CM4Sci meiko + his mom
1:09 RaceLord 0_0
1:09 MsD XD
1:09 Awesomeknight1234 Hehehehe.
1:09 Soupperson1 Xd
1:09 ToaMeiko Wait, how many people have been shipped with knight?
1:09 Soupperson1 xD
1:09 Awesomeknight1234 CM4S with Missing.0.
1:09 ToaMeiko Knight is a playa
1:09 Awesomeknight1234 @Toa: Only myself (Sannse).
1:09 Soupperson1 and Jeyo
1:09 CzechMate Knight has lots of love to give out.
1:09 RaceLord * RaceLord turns Meiko into a girl and give her to Knight
1:09 Clone gunner commander jedi Jeyo, PM
1:09 Awesomeknight1234 Yeah.
and a bunch of other people.
1:10 CM4Sci Jeyo, PM
1:10 ToaMeiko Jeyo, I have KoN jsyk
1:10 RaceLord * RaceLord can't breath from laughing
1:10 Awesomeknight1234 How about we write stories about these pairs!
1:10 CzechMate Fanfic
1:10 Awesomeknight1234 We'll start with Clone and Zero, as they go Captain Jack Harkness!
(Only Whovians know what I mean. ;) )
1:10 Clone gunner commander jedi D: No.
1:10 CM4Sci * CM4Sci derps
1:10 CzechMate One day, Knight was walking home to his castle, when he found a gorgeous make up the rest
1:10 CM4Sci but the sword wasn't a sword
it was a 'sword'
and it was jeyos
1:11 Awesomeknight1234 Oh yeah, I was also paired with a sword.
1:11 CM4Sci and then he
1:11 Awesomeknight1234 Eww.
1:11 CzechMate The sword had other ideas.
1:11 Awesomeknight1234 No.
1:11 CM4Sci bent over
pulled it out of the stone, and the kingdom claimed him king
1:11 Awesomeknight1234 One day CM4S and J2G were taking skipping practice.
1:11 1999bug OH, SORRY! I WAS GONE. Welcome, Jeyo, to the Chat Purge.
1:11 Soupperson1 Sword in the stone xD
1:11 CM4Sci Knight, why J2G
1:11 Awesomeknight1234 'Cause.
1:11 Jeyo Why has gotten everyone cray?
1:11 1999bug The Government thanks you for your participation.
1:11 Soupperson1 Bug were locked in Jeyos bathroom appearntly
1:11 Jeyo *crazy
1:11 CM4Sci jeyo
even say that
1:12 Clone gunner commander jedi Jeyo, PM
1:12 Awesomeknight1234 Bug, me and Jeyo are paired, now.
1:12 1999bug o_____o
1:12 Jeyo I saw, Clone.
1:12 Awesomeknight1234 (CM4S, update the blog. :3 )
1:12 Soupperson1 Bug is mine >:D
1:12 1999bug I'll stick with Soup, if you don't mind.
1:12 Jeyo This is all hypothetical.
Why's everyone going nuts?
1:12 1999bug We're on chi.
And also,
1:12 Awesomeknight1234 It's night.
1:12 MsD ^
1:12 1999bug it is
1:12 CzechMate xD
1:12 1999bug the
1:12 RaceLord Chi is a Drug now?
1:12 Awesomeknight1234 Chat's always like this in night.
Chi has always been a drug.
1:12 Soupperson1 Chi party! :D
1:12 1999bug Chi has always been a drug.
1:12 Awesomeknight1234 I take Chi all the time.
I also take that flower..
1:12 CM4Sci CHI BONG
1:13 Awesomeknight1234 And I also use some of that Heart of the Shield of Ages..
1:13 RaceLord * RaceLord gives Bug so much Chi he dies,
1:13 CM4Sci
1:13 RaceLord Now I get Soup
1:13 Jeyo I could use some clarification...
1:13 Video Gamer1 Hello
1:13 Soupperson1 o/ VideoGamer
1:13 Jeyo hey VG1 o/
1:13 1999bug THIS
1:13 Jeyo brace yourself.
1:13 Awesomeknight1234 Welcome to the cat purge.
1:13 1999bug Welcome, VG1, to the Chat Purge.
1:13 Awesomeknight1234 All rules have been suspended.
1:13 CM4Sci Cat purge?
1:13 Video Gamer1 Has anyone ever heard of the movie Judge Dread?
1:13 Soupperson1 this girl is on Chiroids
1:13 1999bug The Government thanks you for your participation.
1:13 Jeyo Why the blogs?
1:13 CzechMate MEOW
1:14 Jeyo Why all the crazed, bug-eyed people talking about shipping?
1:14 RaceLord oh I get it Bug, that movie, The Purge
1:14 Jeyo How did this start?
1:14 MsD because Obama's watching us, Jeyo
1:14 Jeyo And what's the point?
1:14 Clone gunner commander jedi Long ago...
1:14 Soupperson1 Im not American so take that Obama :P
1:14 Awesomeknight1234 One day, Clone, thinking about Captain Jack Harkness went over to Zero's house.
1:14 1999bug Clone gunner commander jedi "This has got to be the best chat in AGES!"
1:14 RaceLord so...... Bug is dead, me and Soup are making out, and everyone is crazy
1:14 Awesomeknight1234 (You make up the rest.)
1:14 CM4Sci ok
1:15 CM4Sci lets move on from the shipping
and get into details
about our dates ;)
1:15 MsD :)
1:15 Awesomeknight1234 Hehehehe.
Jeyo has left the chat.
1:15 Awesomeknight1234 Let's talk about Clone and Zero going Captain Jack Harkness.
BrickfilmNut has joined the chat, welcome! Please remember to be appropriate and follow these rules so that everyone can have a fun time!
1:15 Clone gunner commander jedi Lets not...
1:15 CM4Sci and how the nights went
1:15 Soupperson1 Me and Bug need a double date with Knight and Jeyo's sword
Jeyo has joined the chat, welcome! Please remember to be appropriate and follow these rules so that everyone can have a fun time!
1:15 Soupperson1 :P
1:16 RaceLord well Bug is dead, me and Soup are making out, Jeyo was killed by CM4S because he wanted all of Knight
1:16 CM4Sci 'zero sat next to clone. he noticed clone looked somewhat sad.'
1:16 Jeyo I need a spock emote.
1:16 CM4Sci 'he wanted to cheer him up.'
1:16 Jeyo One eyebrow raised.
1:16 BrickfilmNut :P
1:16 Clone gunner commander jedi And I thought Jeyo had left to save his sanity but yet he returns
1:16 CM4Sci 'he got up, stood in front of him'
'he bent down on his knees'
What the
So have the next.. 6
1:16 Soupperson1 xD
50 shades of Brick
1:17 CM4Sci anyway
1:17 CM4Sci ill continue from the unripped page
1:17 Clone gunner commander jedi At least they're not stuck together...
1:17 CM4Sci 'clone fell off the bed, exhausted and c'
scribbled out...
1:17 CM4Sci 'and zero was panting'
1:17 Soupperson1 xD
1:17 CM4Sci 'wow that was great zero said'
1:17 Awesomeknight1234 XD
1:17 Awesomeknight1234 'rather captain jack harkness-like clone said'
1:17 Video Gamer1 I know what you mean. :3
1:18 CM4Sci 'clone got up from the ground, and knocked off the workout things'
1:18 RaceLord Bug and Jeyo are dead, Zero and Clone are in the other room, me and Soup are still Kissing, Meiko is sleeping, CM4S and Knight are having a nice meal, MsD and BFN are eating pie, idk what everyone else is doing
1:18 CM4Sci 'that workout was intese said zero'
1:18 Jeyo Seriously, did the conversation of shipping start all this?
Worker of secrets has left the chat.
1:18 CM4Sci 'after that they started kissing the end'
1:18 ToaMeiko .
1:18 Jeyo Blogs, crazed people who are normally rational, random blabbering, hypothetical and indecent situations...
1:18 Awesomeknight1234 Bug and Soup started dating.
Then this all happened.
1:19 RaceLord ya
1:19 Awesomeknight1234 Plus, this happens every night.
1:19 Clone gunner commander jedi It does?
1:19 Soupperson1 Im petting Bob >:D
1:19 RaceLord like I said Bug and Jeyo are dead, Zero and Clone are in the other room, me and Soup are still Kissing, Meiko is sleeping, CM4S and Knight are having a nice meal, MsD and BFN are eating pie, idk what everyone else is doing
1:19 Awesomeknight1234 Bug is a cannibal!
1:19 Soupperson1 Im petting Bug's bob in pms though xD
1:19 1999bug Yay for inside jokes.
1:19 CzechMate ...
1:19 1999bug c:
1:19 CM4Sci yeah knight
1:19 RaceLord and Blobby just entered and is killing everyone
1:19 Video Gamer1 I am trying to burn the house down
1:19 CM4Sci try these fries, they're frickin great
1:19 Awesomeknight1234 He said he was going to eat Soup in my PM!
1:20 CM4Sci -hands knight fries-
1:20 Awesomeknight1234 No, I prefer WAFFLE FRIES!
1:20 CM4Sci which is what they are
1:20 Awesomeknight1234
1:20 RaceLord * RaceLord gives lots of (chi) to everyone
1:20 Awesomeknight1234 Yeah-ya, drugs.
1:20 Video Gamer1 Yay, steriods!
1:21 RaceLord * RaceLord gives everyone 2 AK-47
1:21 Awesomeknight1234 Hey, I know a wizard.
Who wants potions!
1:21 Soupperson1 chiriods*
1:21 Awesomeknight1234 >:D
1:21 1999bug xD
1:21 Awesomeknight1234 Magical drugs!
1:21 CM4Sci nio
1:21 Video Gamer1 Yipee!
1:21 CM4Sci no drugs
1:21 Awesomeknight1234 I'm gonna take some LOOOVE potions.
1:21 CM4Sci just hard love
1:21 Awesomeknight1234 It cost me $69 dollars, though.
1:22 RaceLord what is this? the Drunk Drug Party Chat 2013?
1:22 CM4Sci woo
1:22 MsD yes
1:22 Awesomeknight1234 It's the purge.
1:22 CM4Sci ima do some ansty things
with the ladies
1:22 Awesomeknight1234 Where we take drugs and date.
1:22 CM4Sci oh yeah
1:22 RaceLord DDPC13
1:23 Soupperson1 considering waht me and bug are doing in pms we better be drunk :P
1:23 Awesomeknight1234 @CM4S: I'mma do it with dem elvish ladies.
1:23 1999bug Chi gets you
1:23 CM4Sci ew
1:23 RaceLord thought Bug is dead, he took to much Chi
1:23 CM4Sci elf people's things are like
1:23 Awesomeknight1234 Nu-uh.
1:23 CM4Sci i am going to go do things with girls in the back
see ya later
1:23 Awesomeknight1234 Elvish ladies are sexy.
1:24 Soupperson1 *Sannse becomes an elf*
1:24 Awesomeknight1234 But, I'm both elf, human, male, and female now.
1:24 Soupperson1 Sannse: Hay Hotstuff what to put your bow in my arrow?
1:24 RaceLord * RaceLord calls Black Widow and tells her to meet me at my place
1:24 Awesomeknight1234 Ew, Sannse.
1:24 RaceLord wouldn't it be Arrow into Bow Soup?
1:24 BrickfilmNut OK, guys, easy on the... er... innuendos...
1:24 Soupperson1 nope xD
1:25 BrickfilmNut ...yes.
1:25 Soupperson1 @race
1:25 Awesomeknight1234 This is the purge, BFN.
BFN + Admiral Neo!
1:25 BrickfilmNut *sigh*
1:25 Soupperson1 coz they have the other pieces than what you think
1:25 Jeyo I don't even think BFN knows Neo.
1:25 Awesomeknight1234 I know.
But they are so much alike.
1:26 RaceLord i'm going to go be with Black Widow at my place, have fun with your Corpses, Chi, beer, Dwarfs, and Knight's Sword