The Doctor
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Doctor Who (Animations)

Known companions:

John and Lucy

Not much is known about this unspecified incarnation of the Time Lord known as The Doctor.


Travels with John

The Doctor tracked a Dalek to someones garden and saved them from it and gained them as a companion. (DW: Episode 1) The Doctor and John later encountered another Dalek. (LEGO 2)

Quest for the power crystals

The Doctor and John arrived in a cave in-which they found a device with a force-field that required three crystals to disable it. They also found a map and set about retrieving the crystals. (DW: Episode 2) The first crystal was located in a place well guarded by police. (DW: Episode 3) The second crystal was located as part of a child's necklace. (DW: Episode 4) The third crystal was hidden in the mouth of the ruler of an alien colony. After retrieving the three crystals, they returned to the cave, deactivated the force-field and took the wishing stone. Upon its first use, John wished for a female named Lucy. (DW: Episode 5) Afterwards, they encountered the Master. During this encounter, the Doctor's leg got burnt off. (DW: Episode 6)


The Doctor regenerated when a cloaked skeletal figure came into the TARDIS and touched him. John and Lucy witnessed this. (DW: Episode 6, LEGO Doctor Who Revival Attempt)