Oh wow, where do I begin? Well, probably with the beginning, best thing was that the first seven Doctor's feature (Through the clever use of archival footage from the classic series, I recognized the Second Doctor running from The Five Doctors, the Fourth Doctor from The Invasion of Time and the Seventh Doctor hanging from the ice wall from Dragonfire.) Clara met the first seven Doctor's, well, I say met, she actually just called out to most, the First Doctor heard her, she even told him which TARDIS to steal as the other one would be more fun with a faulty navigation thing that I forget the name of now... she saw the other remaining incarnations, only in passing though, the Ninth Doctor was shown walking passed Clara but his face wasn't shown. (Obviously to hide that it wasn't Christopher Eccleston)

Clara being split into a million copies just to go and save the Doctor at so many points in his life was stupid, still, she got to see every Doctor, except the John Hurt incarnation.

John Hurt as the Doctor! The big ending reveal was amazing, looks like the rumours were true. He's the true Ninth Doctor, the one that ended the Time War, something that was so shameful that the Doctor decided to forget that incarnation!

Damn it Moffat! He better not contradict Big Finish's version of the Doctor leaving Gallifrey with Susan that'll be released later this year for the 50th.

I know we're all wondering, how the hell did River get in communication with Vastra, Jenny and Strax from the library datacore?!

The non inclusion of the Eighth and Tenth Doctor's (and now that I know who the John Hurt incarnation is) has REALLY got my hopes up for an appearance of the Eighth Doctor in the fiftieth.

The two final episodes of the series were actually not that bad, unlike the rest of the series...

Having gone back and re watched it, I've now realized that the Eighth Doctor does appear, he runs in front of Clara for about 2 seconds before the Second Doctor runs behind her, I find it insulting that the greatest Doctor gets the least amount of screen time. And, also, I've read that in the notes on Tardis Data Core, the Doctor Who Wiki, that Clara sees the Tenth Doctor in the library, I've gone through the scenes with her meeting the Doctor's but I can't find that.