[02:14] <Legolij1028> What is your pic?
[02:14] <Lana reid> click on it
[02:14] <Legolij1028> Can't make it out.
[02:15] <Lana reid> click on it
[02:15] <Legolij1028> I did and it is'nt doing anything.
[02:15] <Lana reid> can u c it full?
[02:15] <Lana reid>
[02:15] <Legolij1028> No
[02:15] <Legolij1028> Hey
[02:15] <Lana reid> yh
[02:15] <Legolij1028> Note to you: The admins on most wikis, this one included,
[02:15] <Legolij1028> Don't really like when you use incorrect grammae.
[02:16] <Legolij1028> I'm not an admin
[02:16] <Lana reid> if they c it will i get kicked off?
[02:16] <Legolij1028> But I don't want you to get into trouble
[02:16] <Legolij1028> No, but it might make the wrong impression.
[02:16] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Depends what the image is
[02:16] <Lana reid> i'd better change it
[02:16] <Lana reid> clone gunner click on it
[02:16] <Legolij1028> grammar, I mean.
[02:16] <Lana reid> kk
[02:16] <Lana reid> clone gunner?
[02:17] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I don't answer to that
[02:17] <Lana reid> why
[02:17] <Clone gunner commander jedi> It's not my username and that lacks grammar
[02:17] <Lana reid> wot is it thean
[02:18] <Legolij1028> @ Lana i PM'd you.
[02:18] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Can't you read it after I type a message "Clone gunner commander jedi"
[02:18] <Lana reid> fuck of >:(
[02:19] <Legolij1028> Who?
[02:19] <Lana reid> clone gunner commander jedi
[02:19] <Legolij1028> He didnt do anyhting
[02:19] <Legolij1028> I private messaged you
[02:19] <Lana reid> cant u fuck in' read
[02:19] <Legolij1028> Dude, answer the Private Message
[02:19] <Legolij1028> Plz
[02:20] <Lana reid> u did not privet chat me
[02:20] <Legolij1028> Yeah i did It's under the list of peolpe in chat.
[02:20] <Lana reid> i cnt c it
[02:21] <Legolij1028> Hmm...well you Private Message me then.
[02:21] <Legolij1028> Plz
[02:22] <Legolij1028> Well, that was easy....retard.
[02:23] <Legolij1028> Not @ you, CGCJ
[02:23] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Please don't use that word
[02:23] <Legolij1028> Dude I was'nt talking to you.
[02:23] <Legolij1028> Oh..ok
[02:23] <Legolij1028> Sorry.
[02:24] <Clone gunner commander jedi> This is why I diislike new users :/
[02:24] <Legolij1028> You talking about me, or the other one?
[02:24] <Legolij1028> Because I'm not exactly new.
[02:25] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Both
[02:25] <Legolij1028> Wow...
[02:25] <Legolij1028> :/
[02:26] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Joining last month is still new