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Clone Trooper of the Grand Republic

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Clone's funeral


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Tri-Star, originally designated CT-7.5149.5, is a Clone from the same clone batch as Clone Gunner Commander Jedi.



Tri-Star was created on the planet Kamino during the Clone Wars and was designated the name CT-7.5149.5.

Meeting CT-7.5149

Almost immediately after being created CT-7.5149.5 met CT-7.5149, both were curious as to why they were being herded into a big group of what appeared to be the same person.

CT-7.5149.5 was soon declared defective as he was able to answer back and question orders, but was still kept on as a Clone soldier.

As a Cadet

During training exercises CT-7.5149.5 and CT-7.5149 would often try to do things differently but still successfully complete the exercise.

When the Republic Cruiser CT-7.5149.5 and CT-7.5149 were on came under attack, they both disobeyed orders to stay and hide by manning two of the turrets. CT-7.5149.5 ended up taking out a formation of three Tri-fighters. Soon after, when the cruiser was boarded by Battle Droids, CT-7.5149.5 and CT-7.5149 were kidnapped and taken aboard a large Droid ship. They refused to give up any vital Republic information, as a result, they branded CT-7.5149.5 with a star over his right eye. They were eventually rescued by General Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka. CT-7.5149 later gave CT-7.5149.5 the nickname of Tri-Star, a name which CT-7.5149.5 stuck with until his death.

Later Life

Tri-Star was present when CT-7.5149, now calling himself Gunner, attempted to raise a statue using his power of the force. He witnessed The Doctor saving Gunner and the two of them leaving together. (CGCJ: Gunner with a gift) He attempted to follow them but was stopped by the rest of the group. Later on, when Gunner had returned, he seemed different, more eager to leave the Republic and start his own squad, one where they didn't have to fight.


After fleeing the republic, for reasons unknown, Tri-Star and Gunner were ambushed as they ran across some planet. Tri-Star was killed during this ambush, but before he died, he was transported to Gunner's funeral and met a future version of Gunner who was now going by the name of Clone Gunner Commander Jedi, and was now an unofficial Jedi. After a very short conversation, the future Gunner ran from Tri-Star, leaving him to watch on tearfully, wondering what could cause him to act like that. (CGCJ: Clone's funeral) After the funeral ended, Tri-Star was sent back to the point in time he was taken from, and was killed in the ambush, leaving Gunner devastated.