CzechMate: Yarr
Clone gunner commander jedi: A bit of Pirate talk there? :P
CzechMate: Yarr, my matey, you speak any of it, matey?
Avast me brickis!
Sonofhades101: Lol
Clone gunner commander jedi: Narr matey
CzechMate: Landlubber are ye?
Clone gunner commander: jedi Yarr, you?
CzechMate: No, I'm a pirate cap'n
CzechMate: Walk the plank, landlubber
Clone gunner commander jedi: Cap'n Czech?
CzechMate: Yarr
Sonofhades101: If you don't make me walk the plank, I'll give you my buried treasure...
Soneofhades101: (cake)
Clone gunner commander jedi: Ooh arr
Sonofhades101: Its a cake making machine!
CzechMate: Caek ain't gonna fix yer hopes, landlubber
Sonofhades101: Maybe not one cake but how about 3? Or maybe 5?
CzechMate: No-arr
Sonofhades101: (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake)
CzechMate: Narr, Son 'O Hades, yerr not gunna convince thar Pirate Cap'n!
Sonofhades101: Ok.... Can I be your chef?
Sonofhades101: I make great bacon!
CzechMate: Thar now be Pirate Chef, chief of cook'n
Sonofhades101: Sweet
CzechMate: CGCJ be my landlubber
Clone gunner commander jedi: Back, was just amassing this here crew of mine!'s_Sqaudron.JPG
CzechMate: Ooo-arr
CzechMate: My crew be nothing but dead skeletons and ghosts, me be afraid
Clone gunner commander jedi: D:
CzechMate: I also own a castle, a hearse, an army of monsters too.
CzechMate: Because I'm Pirate Captain Lord Vampyre.
Sonofhades101: I'm not dead...
Sonofhades101: Unless you count the living dead...
Clone gunner commander jedi: Do you... Do you come from the Monster Realms?
CzechMate: Varr
Clone gunner commander jedi: D: arr!
CzechMate: I own a bunch of ol' Man-bats and monsters
CzechMate: Yerr afraid?
CzechMate: Mwhahahayarryarr
Clone gunner commander jedi: Narr, me afraid, HAHAHA I laugh at such a suggestion
CzechMate: Me wife be good at hexes and potions, which comes in handy when your up against landlubbers
CzechMate: I own 102020494729r8388 monsters
Clone gunner commander jedi: Too bad I'm not a landlubber
Clone gunner commander jedi: I am a... SPACELUBBER!
Clone gunner commander jedi: HAHAHAHA >:D
CzechMate: I am best friends with Hypaxxus-8
CzechMate: He has the largest, smartest fleet in ye galaxy, yarr
Clone gunner commander jedi: Oh sh...
CzechMate: Yar swearing?
Clone gunner commander jedi: Narr, "Oh shoot"
CzechMate: My other friendships include one with Ogel, Brickbeard, and the evil Makuta, mwhahaha, and Pharaoh Amset Ra, and many more mwhahahahha
Clone gunner commander jedi: Me be friends with the Grand Army of the Republic!
CzechMate: Me be best friends with all the Sith in the galaxy
Irnakk: Clone, remember my Empire? >:D
CzechMate: Darth Malgus and I are third cousins
Irnakk: Darth Maul's my nephew...

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